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Have you ever wondered how good a deal on diapers were based on the cost per diaper? Well, we have been changing diapers for over six years now (not on the same kid! :)) and had never found a chart with the number of diapers for each pack type and size. Now, we have learned that even the number shown below can vary slightly from store to store (hint: why Walmart can sell their Jumbo size cheaper than other stores!), but this should be a pretty accurate guide to start you off on price per diaper comparison.

Thrifty Al always used to complain to me on the myriad of different choices when buying diapers. He would always complain “You said to buy Huggies, but which one?!”. This guide is a work in progress, but will hopefully help you and your hubby to know which style might be right for your kiddo.

Diaper Sizing Chart


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