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earn free gift cards while searching the web with Swagbucks

Okay – it has happened….. sound the alarm, alert the press …. The Thrifty Couple is finally swaggin’.

So if your first response is “what is swaggin’ and who really cares?” Then you have come to the right place! Why?  Because that is what us, The Thrifty Couple, have been thinking for so long!

I have had many friends telling me about Swagbucks for quite some time now – I always thought, “Wow, is this really worth anything? Who cares, why should I care, and what on earth are you going to do with all of those Swagbucks?”

Well, a couple of weeks ago, our friend Kristin from Couponing to Disney, took some time to explain it and show us how cool it is, how easy it is and just how rewarding it can be!  I have been skeptical of this whole Swagbucks thing forever – I mean here we are, The Thrifty Couple, and we are not taking advantage of this? The real questions should have been “What is this about, why are you so excited, and HOW can WE do this too?”

So, #1 – What is this (Swagbucks) about?

In a nutshell – it is a rewarding way to search the web! You can earn these Swagbucks (points) that you can then redeem for prizes. I wasn’t super impressed, until I saw them for myself! A lot of the prizes I don’t care a lot about, but the Amazon.com gift cards and the Southwest Airlines gift cards are awesome,  which ultimately equate to FREE shopping and FREE travel!!!! Some of our 2 favorite things and for FREE! For example: you only need 45 Swagbucks to redeem for a $5 Amazon.com gift card.  Kristin, among others that we know also swaggin’, paid for her family’s Christmas with Swagbucks and then redeeming for the Amazon.com gift cards! These are just 2 examples, but there is a lot there!

To earn these Swagbucks, you literally just search through the Swagbucks home page (like you would on Google or any other brower) and every once in a while, after you have submitted a search query, Swagbucks will pop up letting you know that you just won more Swagbucks.  When searching, you can earn 1-10 Swagbucks just at random.  We have been doing this for about a week and we have already earned a handful of Swagbucks!!!! The most we earned at one time was 5 swagbucks.  Kristin told us that she seems to earn the most either in the morning or evening when she is web surfing! She also says that you can earn approximately 2-5 Swagbucks a day, and usually winning your first one within approximately 5 searches!

There are also other ways to earn Swagbucks, but the main way is by searching and surfing the web and referring your friends, plus finding and entering Swagcodes etc.! PLUS, just for joining – you get to earn 3 Swagbucks to get you started!!! Woot, Woot! PLUS there is Mega Swagbucks Friday for extra Swagbucks while searching and they will be celebrating their 2nd anniversary soon with some extras as well. We will keep you posted on all of these Swagbucks extras so that you can take advantage of them too!

#2 – Why are you so excited?

Well, we are so excited about this because it really is a no nonsense type of way of earning gift cards that can be used just like cash! It is a FREEBIE for doing things you are already doing! We tested it out for a week and have really loved racking in the Swagbucks and setting our eyes on the goal of a FREE Christmas and FREE airline travel.  What a huge blessing and benefit, just from doing something that us and everyone else already does continuously everyday!

#3 – HOW can WE do this too?

Well I am glad you asked! It is really very simple and quick!

  1. Go to the Swagbucks site and register.
  2. Then you will see 3 Swagbucks automatically entered into your account, just for registering for FREE.
  3. Start searching the web from the Swagbucks home page! Then, at random, you will be informed when you banked another Swagbuck for searching.
  4. It’s that easy! Also, explore the Swagbucks site to see other ways to earn, see the Swag Store and more.
  5. You can also download the Swagbucks toolbar so this search browser automatically comes up when you start searching.

PLUS, we did want to mention that there are Swagcodes that are out there to be found nearly everyday.  When you find one, just enter it in on the Swagbucks homepage and bank more Swagbucks! We will give you tips here on our site on where to find them as we hear about them too!

BUT FIRST, here is a way to get your first Swagcode to enter!

  • Go to the main page of Swagbucks
  • Click on Ways to Earn
  • Select Special offers.
  • Click on the No Obligation Offers box. At the top of that page it will say: “Welcome to Swag Bucks Special Offers. Sign up for the free money-saving offers you like,
    feel free to skip the rest, and find a special swag code reward at the end.”
  • Skip all of the offers by clicking on the skip button beneath the advertisements
  • On the last page, you will find a Swag code worth $1.
  • Enter it on swagbucks.com in the Swag Code box.

Enjoy, have fun, earn a ton and let us know your results and how swaggin’ is going for you!!

Thank You So Much Couponing To Disney!



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