30 Day Declutter Challenge: Week 1 Focus Areas Schedule

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by Cassie


Week #1 Focus Areas Schedule! Plus, share your updates on this challenge! 

We just started the 30-Day Declutter Challenge.  With that, we thought we would post a weekly schedule to help you have a focus area of the week as you also declutter!

*Remember that your goal is to get rid of five items a day in the 30-days.  See the full instructions to the declutter challenge here.

So for week #1 – these are the areas we encourage you to start with on your clean-out and to focus on this week:

  • Kitchen
  • Coat/hall closets
  • Livingroom

We will share our results from these areas later in the week and next week’s focus area schedule as well!

*Be sure to join us on our Facebook page HERE where we will also be giving daily goals and tasks for this challenge!

How is your declutter challenge going so far?  We hope you are finding many things to get rid of and getting these areas of your home organized! 

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