30 Day Declutter Challenge: Week 1 Focus Areas Schedule

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Week #1 Focus Areas Schedule! Plus, share your updates on this challenge! 

We just started the 30-Day Declutter Challenge.  With that, we thought we would post a weekly schedule to help you have a focus area of the week as you also declutter!

*Remember that your goal is to get rid of five items a day in the 30-days.  See the full instructions to the declutter challenge here.

So for week #1 – these are the areas we encourage you to start with on your clean-out and to focus on this week:

  • Kitchen
  • Coat/hall closets
  • Livingroom

These are often the most lived in, used and visual parts of the house.  Basically, for the next 7 days, see if you can find 35 items in these three areas.

When are decluttering and trying to find things to get rid of, seriously ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you really need this?
  2. When was the last time you used it?
  3. Do you have duplicates of this that complete the same job?
  4. Is it valuable?  (this doesn’t mean to not get rid of it, but perhaps upsell it!)
  5. Is it sentimental, but not necessary to keep out?  If this is the case, that’s what those bins/boxes talked about here in step #2 set-up are for.
  6. If I don’t need it, is there someone I know that needs this?  This goes into the borrowed box.

Work through these areas each day, grab your 5 items, sort them into their boxes and get a great night of sleep knowing that you have an easy job of getting your home decluttered in the easiest of ways!

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We hope you are finding many things to get rid of and getting these areas of your home organized! 

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