IKEA Netted Mesh Tiered Organizer for Tub/Shower Bathroom Storage

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Today’s Pinterest find is a very nice and practical one!

It saves bath toys, poufs, supplies and more by allowing them to dry easily (preserving their life) and keeps your tub and bathroom organized!

You can buy these at IKEA.  We actually had some for sock and underwear organization in our kids’ closets, but this is a great idea!

It is also super nice for the poufs and loofahs, especially if there is more than one family member that uses the same shower.

We bought them at IKEA for around $7 several years ago.  I don’t know the current price of them and we don’t live close to an IKEA to give a quick price check.  But you can buy the IKEA ones online on Amazon for $10.99 HERE with free shipping with a $35 or more order if you don’t live close to an IKEA.   They have blue, pink and green.


Check out this one on Amazon HERE

In addition, Amazon sells another brand for $7.97 that would work just as well and also have free shipping with a $35 or more order. 


UPDATE: Reader Tracy shared that she uses this same concept in her shower, but the flat version here that is much more shower conducive and is very useful! You can find this net on Amazon for $10.79 HERE.

 We did check at Walmart too, but they don’t have the netted ones, just the ones that are canvas material in block shelving like storage.  So it wouldn’t work the same.  

Have you seen them anywhere else?

What do you think of this idea?  Have you ever tried this or will you try it?

See this on Pinterest HERE

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