Free Gallon Milk (One Winner Every Minute) – Any Brand

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How does FREE milk sound! This is one of those freebies that not many will turn down! It has been a while since we have seen a free milk giveaway! This one gives you really, really high odds of winning.  They are giving away a free milk coupon every minute of everyday until October 17, 2013.  So this 82,080 winners, which means that these are good chances!

We won on something similar a couple of years ago.  If this is like the milk giveaways from the past, the nice thing is that you will be able to use it on any brand of milk, including organic! Note that it will have a value limit (usually around $2.50 – $3) which would make many brands of milk free and organic milks or chocolate milk a lot cheaper! Either way, it is a nice freebie!

Head to the Free Milk Official Giveaway Every Minute HERE to enter

You can also re-enter everyday until October 17th to increase your chances of winning!



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