Brown Rice For Breakfast – Our Sweet Version (Healthy, Yummy and Filling)

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A while back, I mentioned that we eat rice for breakfast.  In fact, we eat rice for breakfast A LOT! Why? Well for SEVERAL reasons.

  1. It’s super easy to make, especially with the rice cooker that I think is just as important or more than a crockpot! I love this one that is a 20-cup Aroma Cooker (you can make a little bit or all 20-cups!) by that I have referenced many times as it steams and is a crockpot while having the option to cook rice. 
  2. It’s super cheap.  Whether you choose to get white, brown or even organic! It’s all cheap.  Especially when you compare it to cereals! You can pick up a 1-2 lb. bag of brown rice for around $2.  This small bag will last our family of seven for 2-3 meals (whether breakfast, lunch or dinner). We’re talking very cheap, even for large families like ours!
  3. It’s super healthy. Especially if you opt for brown rice. It contains fiber and the way that we prepare adds extra healthy factors to it!
  4. It’s naturally gluten-free!

So we’ve had a few people that thought it was quite strange that we eat rice for breakfast! But if you think about it, it’s quite an optimal and practical breakfast!

So let me share with you our “sweet” version.

  • The first thing you need is to fry your rice in something.  Butter is a good option.  We personally love coconut oil or coconut creme concentrate (this one is like a coconut version of butter).  Any of these are good, but the coconut options add extra layers of health by easily and tastily including them!  We use Tropical Traditions and buy coconut oil and coconut creme concentrate when they have their 50% off (or buy one get one free) sales.  It is good quality too!
  • The second thing you need are toppings! Honestly, you can add ANYTHING! In fact, consider the toppings we have included in our printable list of 88 Oatmeal Topping Ideas HERE.  Any of those would work beautifully for this too!  We personally almost always use Craisins, shredded coconut and cinnamon.  When it became a perfect combo for us, we see now reason to change, but rarely!
  • Oh yeah, I just about forgot :) … the third thing is the rice! You will need already cooked rice whether you cook it on the stove or rice cooker!

Then all you do is this:

  • brown-rice-coconut-oilMelt your butter, coconut creme concentrate or coconut oil in your pan.  Use as much or little as you want!


  • Then add your cooked rice and “fry” until it is all coated and reaches the desired consistency you want.  Our family likes it “crispy” which means more frying time.  If you want it softer, then just fry for a shorter time.


  • Then add your toppings and mix up! Some of your toppings can be added after cooking too.  We add our favorite three and cook for another couple of minutes.


  • Then serve it up and enjoy! Here’s our daughter’s hearty bowl of delicious nutrition and give her a super jump start to her day!
  • Note: one fabulous add-in is nuts of any kind.  These will also add some healthy proteins.  We have deadly peanut and treenut allergies in our home, but it would be fabulous! For our protein, we just add an egg on the side or something :)

This is our “sweet version.”  We also have a “savory version” which is sorta like a breakfast fried rice – again healthy and that one adds a bit of protein too! We will share that one soon!

In the meantime, get creative with rice for breakfast!


  1. Julie Perry says

    In reference to the coconut oil, also sells pure extra virgin (unprocessed) coconut oil in the Vitacost brand. They charge $21.49 for a 54 oz. jar. It has a lovely, mild flavor and seems to be of a good quality.


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