For Only $1.80 and 2 Minutes – Totally De-Stress with This Head/Scalp Massager (A Personal Favorite of Ours)

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Ok, I am sharing something that is an absolute MUST in our house. We have very busy and very stressful lives between 5 kids young homeschooled children, home businesses, other work, other commitments and just running normal thrifty lives.  It all takes a lot of work!

Well, about 10 years ago, before kids, before being thrifty…in fact, while on one of our “$100K debt contributing trips” we were at the airport in Los Angeles and one of those temporary airport shops that sell products from carts had these “scalp massaging” products.  When we walked by and “tested” these little gadgets out! Whoa!! It was amazing and totally relaxing.

Well, I hate to admit it, but we spent $18 on that spiffy gadget. Yes, remember, those days we were not “The Thrifty Couple.”

But, no worries, Amazon has these for only $1.80 with FREE shipping!! This is seriously one of the best investments you could ever make.  Anyone that you use it on will be your best friend for life! They are so cheap that we bought a whole bunch a couple of years ago and have been giving them as gifts and they have been the best gifts.

Also, the price is really nice at only $1.80 each with FREE shipping for everyone, no minimum order needed.

This price may not last long.

We do promise that once you get yours and try it out, you will be so thrilled and far more relaxed at any time of the day with just a couple of minutes and very little money!!

Please note, the shipping will take a few weeks on it though (that is often how free shipping works, the slowest possible way ;))

Head to Amazon here to see this deal.

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