30-Day Challenge: Be Intentional Month – Taking Baby Steps For Whole Life Change

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It’s that time!

Time to start a new year

Time to make changes

Time to be challenged

Time to be encouraged

Time to better our lives through baby steps

Happy 2014!

When the new year is here, it’s a wonderful time to make changes in your life! Positive changes that will help you become a more productive, efficient, consistent, healthier new you!

For a few years, we have personally taken baby steps that we have called “being intentional” in everyday life. Little things that add up to a big, bigger, biggest changes in our lives.

Last year, we introduced our “Be Intentional” baby steps and it was a HUGE success! We received so many emails about lives that were changed from these simple steps!

There was big positive financial changes for many of you…

Big weight-loss goals met…..

More family time and personal time discovered…….

And productivity through the roof…….

All things that we have experienced in our years of having a personal goal of doing these things ourselves!

It was so inspirational to see all of the testimonies and positive changes that happened in our readers over that 30-day challenge.

So…… we have had requests to do this again this year and so we are going to move forward and do it again!

This time, will be sharing 30-Baby Steps To Be Intentional.

We will be sharing a step a few times per week to add into your daily routine and start making it a habit.

We will be starting our Be Intentional 30 -Baby Step Challenges on Wednesday, January 15th, 2014! So be sure that you are subscribed to our free email newsletter HERE (that is sent almost each day of the business week – so 4-5 emails per week) because that is the email that thechallenges will be coming through on, along with all of our other new content for that week.

So just what is a 30-Baby Steps to Be Intentional Challenges all about??

Well, we aren’t really a resolution-type of couple as we seem to make resolutions and then dive in both feet first and then seem to set ourselves up for failure and break our resolutions just a few weeks later. We tried the “jump all in feet first” approach with our debt and we kept crashing and failing.  It wasn’t until we finally planned to take baby steps that BIG changes happened!

So we have adopted that same idea in all areas of life: finances, routines, organization, healthy life living, etc.

Over the years, we noted that there are many things we do each week, month and year to help us stay on track in all of those areas and in total it was Be Intentional  – Taking Baby Steps for Whole Life Change. 

Here’s how we break it down:

We are going to start with those baby steps to increase your energy, efficiency and organizationwhich will propel you into a life that is able to develop an overall financially smart, happy and frugal home.  And by frugal, we’re not meaning cheap! You can be frugal with no matter how little or how much money you have. It is just being good with the money you have.

In our many years of attempted thriftiness, one thing that we have determined is that you can save a buck here and there and grab deals left and right, but for a truly frugal lifestyle, it requires time and organization.  If you do not have those things, then frugality is very frustrating.

So this year’s 30-Baby Steps are very simple and very easy to implement so that you can implement several each week. 

Most of the challenges build on themselves, which means it is best to start at the beginning for the results to take full effect.

Some of the challenges you may already be doing – that’s great, keep doing it and watch for the next days’ challenges to add to it.

We encourage couples and families to do these challenges together so the whole house can function well!

As the 30 baby steps go along, we will be focusing on 5 areas for the Be Intentional Month:

  • Self
  • Home
  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Frugality

And, if you get off track, don’t worry…. pick yourself up where you left off, or start all over.  It doesn’t matter, just do it :)

List of Challenges (keep watching for more):

Here’s the current growing list of challenges in case you missed them and want to get your life on the right track:

  1. Set and Keep a Consistent Bedtime Every Night
  2. Try To Wake Up At The Same Time Everyday
  3. Feel Amazing with Daily 5 Minute Stretching (includes Free Downloads and Tutorials)
  4. Drink Your Daily Recommendation of Water
  5. Take a Daily Dose of Healthful Vitamins

  6. Why It’s Important To Make Your Bed Everyday
  7. Clean Off and Scrub the Bathroom Counters and Then Do A Daily Wipe Down

Join us at our small Facebook Be Intentional group HERE for encouragement, discussions and more.  Just send a request to join and we will add you to the group.


  1. Jennifer says

    I am excited to learn these baby steps! I have learned a lot about the fine art of couponing this year, and I often reflect how it requires ready access to the luxuries of time, money for printer ink/paper, and a car in order in order to make it a lifestyle. So it’s definitely not for everyone, even those who might need it the very most. So it resonates when you say frugality requires time and organization.

    BTW, I also wanted to thank you for posting the cheapest deals…for example the items you posted from Meritline were awesome Christmas/birthday gifts! These kinds of posts for cheap gift ideas are truly valuable and not on my other deal sites, and i hope you keep them up! Thank you!

  2. Carol says

    About 15 minutes ago I became a member of this site. Can you tell me how long it took you to get out of the $l00K debt? Also, can you help with some advice for me who will be retiring in the near future but will have a part time job? I’d like to pay off my mortgage as soon as possible.

    Thanks so much,


  3. says

    Wow, I ran across your blog while searching for planners but this is even better! I look forward to going through these challenges one by one and seeing how awesome our happy little clan can make 2013! Thanks fo the post(s).

  4. Desiree Bezuidenhout says

    Hi, I first saw your page on facebook, and love it!!! Please could you send me the Be Intentional Series again via email?
    Thanks for an inspiring page…!
    KZN, South Africa


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