A Duct Tape Christmas: How To Make Gifts From Duct Tape with 25 Ideas and Counting

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Have you ever thought about Duct Tape for Christmas? Okay, it might sound silly and you might be laughing your head off right now at the thought. You might be first thinking, “this crazy thrifty couple is just too thrifty for me and they are weird!” Well, I won’t deny we are weird, but that’s what makes us fun and unique and exciting and unexpected. So after you get over the realization that you are reading the site of a weird couple, let’s seriously talk about Duct Tape. 😉

So the second question you may be asking is “okay, I am willing to read further to see what you are talking about. So how exactly are you going to incorporate Duct Tape into Christmas?”

Well, we are talking about Duct Tape as gifts. I am sure that others have come up with thousands of uses for Duct Tape in décor, wrapping, and much more, but we want to talk about DIY gifts this year with Duct Tape and Duct Tape gifts being at the top for the “hard to buy for” (which btw, makes them probably weird too if they don’t want to fit into the typical gift mold – so there might be more of us than you think :) )

Well, this is where it gets really fun. You can literally makes hundreds of gifts with Duct Tape. There are gifts for every person on your list with ideas abroad floating around on the internet!

Duct Tape can be cheap and so you can really come up with quite a fun array of surprises for Christmas morning with a grey or even a fancy colored and patterned tape! Oh the possibilities.

The second fun aspect of this gift idea is that it is a special made and unique gift for someone. This could be a SUPER way to allow your kids to get in on the gift giving and keep them busy too.

So with that, we are going to show some ideas and then provide some links to help you find the perfect gift to make.

With that, here’s 25 ideas to get the creativity going!

Striped Duct Tape Purse Instructions from  Country Woman Magazine

Woven Duct Tape Purse Instructions from Diana Designs

Waterproof Beach Bag Instructions from Family Fun Magazine

No Sew Mesh Beach Bag Instructions from Fostering a Creative Life

No Sew Fabric and Duct Tape Handle Tote Bag Instructions at Instructables

Decorate Duct Tape Basket Instructions at Niki Meiners

Duct Tape Storage Basket Instructions at Libby Dibby Stuff

How about Duct Tape Flowers to attach to anything you make as an extra flare of tape (think bags, clothing, hair accessories, crafts, anything!). Instructions at Skip To My Lou

Duct Tape Flower Pens Instructions at Seven Sisters In Christ

Duct Tape Apron Instructions at Instructables

Fancy Duct Tape Apron seen at Sew Forward

Duct Tape Crayon Roll Instructions at Tutus and Tea Parties

This site shared the idea of sprucing up ANYTHING with Duct Tape for a new look, cases, book covers, laptops, and even boots.  Ideas for sprucing up from CLP Teens Burgh

Waterproof Boots Instructions at Crafting in the Rain

Duct Tape Flip Flops Instructions at Cut Out and Keep

Make beads and then think about the thousands of ways to make a gift out of them (necklace, earrings, bracelets and anything else you would use fancy beads on!). Duct Tape Beads Instructions at Crafty Soccer Mom

Another item that you can make for multi-purpose uses (hair accessories, attached to headbands, on your bags, etc.). Duct Tape Bows Instructions at Naturally Comfy

Duct Tape Headband (there are thousands of ideas, but this is cute too, just google it) Instructions at Sophie World

Duct Tape Braided Bracelets Instructions at Wikihow

Duct Tape Wallet Instructions at Crafts By Amanda

Duct Tape Neck Tie Instructions at Duck Brand

Duct Tape Luggage Tags Seen at Qreative Quail

Duct Tape Decorative Pillow Instructions at Scotch Brand

Re-do an old picture frame or turn it into a white board. Duct Tape Frame Instructions at Clever Pink Pirate

Make a frame from scratch with Duct Tape.  I like this idea as there are just some odd shaped pictures. Duct Tape Picture Frame Instructions at Country Woman Magazine

Finally, here’s a fun idea for the creative and hard to buy for person. What about a roll of Duct Tape and a book with lots of creative ideas on what they can make with their roll of Duct Tape? You can get this fun gift set together for around $10-$15 and it would probably provide hours of fun.

In fact, you can buy many different books that give you crafts, DIY gifts, toys and games, plus books with thousands of practical uses for duct tape!

Also, these two fun ebooks are $1.99 – $2.99 or even FREE of Amazon Prime Members:


You can see dozens of other books on the Duct Tape topic on Amazon HERE.

Also, Duct Tape can be purchased cheap at discount hardware stores, overstock stores, and you can even find deals online where the duct tape will arrive right to your door on Amazon HERE.

Plus to help you find another good price, we encourage you to check our coupon database HERE and search “tape” to see if there are any current coupons. There very often is a Scotch Brand or Duck Brand coupons to give you an even better value for our gifting buck!

So what do ya’ think?  Is this something you would go for to either give or receive?  What is your favorite ideas?



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