Cheap Diaper Deals Week of 9/4/11: Huggies Slip-Ons $3.99, Generic Jumbo For $4.49 In-Store and More

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diaper deals

Here are the in-store deals so far this week.  There is a great deal at Walgreens, Rite Aid and Target this week!

We try to get a shortened list out on Saturdays that will include Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, Babies R Us and Walmart and any other deals that we know of going on.  Then on Mondays we will update this post to include any extra coupons that came out and the diaper deals for Target, Kmart, Dollar General and Shopko!

PLEASE NOTE: The format of this list has changed to be easier to use, but all of the same information is here just as before.

We have implemented a new printable list feature for your convenience.  See our previous post for a tutorial on how to use the printable list.

A Few Tips When Using This List:

  • The deals listed include coupons that are available for everyone to utilize now (i.e. from the newspaper or printable), but be sure to check your stash of coupons as you may have others that you have collected from mailers, friends, past promotions, etc. and some that could have a higher value from these sources!
  • The cheap diaper deals listed are the top ways to maximize, assuming you are using the highest possible value coupon listed below – the final prices will be a little higher if you use a lesser value coupon.
  • The dates in parentheses next to the diaper coupons are the expiration dates of the coupons and those coupons are found in the Sunday newspaper inserts from Smart Source (SS), Procter and Gamble (PG) and Red Plum (RP). The dates show the month and day that insert was in the newspaper – for example: 8/1 = August 1st Sunday newspaper.
  • The coupons that are highlighted are the printable diaper coupons from all over the web that are available to print now.  These can change frequently! Click on the highlighted areas to print your coupons.

Check our Diaper Size Chart to see how many diapers are in each type and size package to figure your best cost per diaper! Please note that this chart is continually being updated and added to continuously!

Summary of the best places to get diapering products this week:

  • Walgreens for $3.99 Huggies Slip-Ons (see printable list below)

  • Rite Aid for $4.49 Tugaboos Jumbo Packs (see printable list below)

  • Target for $9.79 Huggies Slip-On Big Packs (see printable list below)

See our “new” online cheap diaper deals post for the best diapers shopping from home.  In addition, the BEST Huggies deal for regular diapers is found on Amazon at $4.32 each jumbo pack.

Store Deals:

NEW Customize and Print your list for in-store diaper shopping below:  click on “Display All Matchups” to see the full list of coupons and the diaper deals at each store like Walgreens, Walmart, Target and More.

First, review the list of available coupons to use and print the ones you haven’t printed yet.

Second, you will see a header for each national drugstore and national stores and then the deals under each header. Select the deals you wish to print.

At the end, before you print you will also be able to add additional notes and items to your shopping list in the print preview!


Please click on the “grey” button that says “Display All Matchups” to see the ENTIRE list with Store Matchups – this is just a snippet!


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