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What is Shop Your Way Rewards?

This is what their website said:

“Start earning with every purchase! Shop Your Way Rewards is a free program that you can use at participating Kmart and Sears stores in the US and Puerto Rico, and online.
Use your Shop Your Way Rewards card 365-days a year at:

  • Sears and Kmart stores
  •,, and
  • By Phone (1-800-MY-SEARS)

Simply use your member card to earn Rewards every time you make Qualifying Purchases at participating Sears, Sears Grand, Sears Essentials, Sears Hometown, Sears Home Appliances Showrooms, Sears Hardware, Sears Outlet, Sears Auto Centers, Kmart, and Lands’ End at Sears stores located in the United States and Puerto Rico and,, and Then redeem your Rewards to save on the things your family needs or save them for that special item or gift.

Get the most from Shop Your Way Rewards

  • Earn 1% back in Rewards on qualifying purchases
  • Spend Rewards at participating stores or save them up for something special
  • Earn bonus Rewards during exclusive promotions throughout the year
  • Receive valuable coupons at Kmart Pharmacy counters and
  • A chance to win great prizes with Kmart K’Ching Surprises at Kmart stores
  • Enjoy “no receipt required” returns on purchases at Kmart and Sears stores
  • Plus, you can still earn with KidVantage and Craftsman Club Rewards at Sears stores.

On their site you can also track your Rewards balance, update your account information and get valuable offers. Shopping with Sears and Kmart has never been so rewarding!

Remember, the more you purchase, the faster your benefits start adding up!

Start enjoying the Rewards you want and deserve today!

It’s free — we reward you just for shopping!

I know that many people get frustrated that they have to carry cards to the different stores – it frustrates me too! However, most stores allow you to use your telephone number at checkout instead! We join most of the rewards programs we find as the savings, discounts, points all add up eventually! We very rarely use the card (unless the phone number is not an option) and just give them our phone number each time we checkout somewhere!  I am excited to see how these rewards add up!

Sign up for the rewards program HERE

Also, once you register, check out the bonus rewards to earn right now! It will be located on your “My Offers” page!

SEARSLOGOAlso, at Sears, there is a $10 reward card with every $50 spent on apparel between now and November 14th!


  1. Bonnie Martin says

    I have over a thousand KMART POINTS,How do i use them?or collect them I know the more i spend the more i get but need help with the points program .Please email me with help.

    • Lisa says

      To spend your rewards points simply tell the casher that you want to spend them and they scan your card and take that amount off your purchase. 1,000=1.00 in store credit. I see alot of specials at their site ( at the bottom of the page to earn extra reward points (last week they were selling the Nintendo Wii Holiday Bundle for $199.00 and if you were a member you got 2,000 points ($2.00 for your 1% back) and they had a bonus of 50,000 points ($50.00) that was also added since it was on special for the week of 11/07/10-11/13/10.

  2. bonnieruhbeck says

    i have been on hold for nearly 45 min. there is a mistake on my acc. it seems i have two of them,i just need to cancel the latest one. HELP!!!!!

  3. rodolfo jimenez says

    reward card #9109
    made purchase sears salescheck #025071717053 –tran#7053–pg/store 10 02507–la plaza mall 02507.did not get credit for amount toward shopyourwayrewards.can you help?
    on this same date i made purchase salescheck #025072221782 same sears store same date & close time frame.did get credit for shopyourwayrewards.
    i was not issued shopyourwayrewards card.
    also question about my craftsman club card not able to get club discount due to polesaw being remington brand and not craftsman brand but sold in sears store.i went after craftsman brand but not available in much for craftsman club card.

  4. Ton & Fiona Wilson says

    We never had a reward card; so how can get a card so we can start using the points that we have accumulated?

  5. Jane Vogt says

    I went to Kmart and spent $90.00 and the checker asked for my card , I gave it to her and she forgot to scan it, How do I get my points?

  6. Linda Loose says

    I lost my rewards card from K mart. The cashiers will give me points by using my phone number but will not allow me to cash in my credits

  7. Pamala Plaisance says

    I have two Sears rewards cards with two different numbers. I had the same problem with Petco and was able to combine them online. I can’t find a way to do this with Sears online. I have used them both because I never remember which one is which. Please help me.

  8. Linda knapp says

    I lost my card and I have alot of points to use They wont let me use my points at kmart unless i have my card or pin number But I forgot my pin number
    can someone email me with it please
    Thank you
    Linda knapp

  9. Walter says

    I made a purchase that did not get on my rewards card. The clerk apologized and said that she forgot to ask me if I had a rewards card. She instructed me to this web site in order to enter my receipt number and therefore enter my rewards on my card. The amount of purchase was $29.75 which include $2.28 tax. The receipt number is 09647 092712 026 07725. Could you either enter this information for me or please instruct me as how to do this. There is far too many different sites on your we page.

  10. paul perfater says

    I cannot get logged in. I clicked the button to show I have forgotten my member ID number, and I was e-mailed the number along with the PIN number. However, when I try to log-in it asks for a password. How does this work ?

  11. Lisa and James Van Meter says

    I recently went to a k mart and used my rewards card from Sears. The cashier was having trouble scanning it and I had to give my home phone number. When the cashier found it she said James Van Meter or Cortney Brooks. Of Course it was James Van Meter. We don’t know how Cortney Brooks got on our sears reward card but we would like for you to remove her name. You could change the phone number from 270 324 4361 to our cell which is 270 307 7588 I would greatly appreciate it. Please respond and let me know if it is done

  12. laurie says

    i am a reward member,but my local k-mart tells me i have 2 diff. accounts and should combine them together and i can’t find out how to do that. would like some help

    thamk you

  13. Mary Miskimen says

    More often than not, the cashier forgets to ask for my rewards card. It’s usually the case when I spends hundreds of dollars at that particular time :/ You CAN call their number to have them added but this is a pain in the butt! I wish there was an incentive for customer’s if the clerk forgets to ask for the card. I’ve been told by K-Mart bosses that it is required for them to ask…. So I think that the customer needs rewarded in some way if they do not ask… Unacceptable to me.

  14. Tom says

    I lost my pin number. How do I get a new pin number so I can redeem my points. I want to buy a patio set.

  15. says

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