5 Steps To A Naturally Clean Toilet
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This is a wonderful and great alternative to expensive and chemical toilet cleaners!
Recipe type: Cleaner
  • Pumice Stone
  • Gloves
  • Toilet Brush (I love the black ones from IKEA as black hides everything and they are cheap and so I don't feel bad by replacing them every time I go to IKEA - I really don't like these things hanging around for long :))
  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Any of the 7 Best Essential Oils for Cleaning (but my personal favs for the toilet are the Tea Tree and Lemon)
  1. Using your pumice stone, remove any rings and stains in the bowl, on the underside of the lids and around/under the rim. Then flush the toilet to flush the remaining granules from the stone down the drain. This has always by far been way more effective than any action a chemical cleaner has done. BUT... we are just getting rid of the stain, not the bacteria is leaves behind! That's why we do the next steps!
  2. Once it has flushed, just pour some vinegar down the toilet and swish a little. I probably pour about 2 cups worth - I want enough to cover when the "ring" or water line tends to be.
  3. Then I add about 4 drops of any of the 7 Best Essential Oils for Cleaning. I personally usually add a couple of drops of lemon and a couple of drops of Tea Tree. But any of them will work. Then let this vinegar/oil mixture set for 30 minutes.
  4. Pour some baking soda into the toilet and it will react with the vinegar and "bubble up" which you then swish and scrub at the same time and scrub until you are satisfied with the clean!
  5. Continue the freshening by adding 10 or so total drops of the 7 Best Essential Oils for Cleaning in the top tank of the toilet so that every time you flush, it gets a bit of oil freshening which will keep the bacteria at bay, help to smell nice and keep it looking clean in between deep cleanings. Let me be honest, I love clean looking, naturally clean smelling and continually working to be clean toilets. With that, I actually add about 2 drops of all 7 oils for 14 total drops. It is probably over-kill, but I know that each oil has similar properties, but they each are best at attacking a different type of bacteria, micro-organism or whatever - so all 7 get to work together to kill it all :)
  6. Again, for the outside, use any of the homemade wipes or cleaners that we have posted on our 26 Homemade Natural Cleaning Products using a short list of common natural ingredients that are very cheap!
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