Homemade Natural Food Surfaces and Kitchen Areas Disinfectant and Deodorizer
Prep time
Total time
A great, cheap and natural alternative to the harsh chemical food surface disinfectants!
  • Funnel if needed
  • Any size spray bottle, so adjust recipe accordingly as this is based on a 20 oz. bottle
  • ¾ cup of water
  • 1¼ cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • 8 - 10 drops of Lemon essential oil
  • 8-10 total drops of Cinnamon and Cassia oils (or the cinnamon cassia blend)
  • AND...if you have Oregano Essential Oil.... add drops of this too! BUT...be aware that the smell of adding Oregano is not very good, but effective with the others as well.
  1. Pour the water and hydrogen peroxide in your bottle
  2. Then add your drops of essential oil
  3. Put the lid/sprayer back on and shake until blended
  4. Then, store this under the kitchen sink and use it as a final disinfecting/deodorizing touch to your kitchen cleaning routine!
So here's my estimated cost breakdown for a 20 oz. bottle: You would be using 10 oz. of Hydrogen Peroxide which is .88 per 32 oz., so this is approximately .29 worth. Water, let's just say free Essential Oils around $6 a bottle which will last for a LONG time (ours has lasted forever) so we will estimate around $0.30? TOTAL per 20 oz. bottle = .59 on the higher estimate end. If you get any of the items on sale, it would be even less! See more homemade, natural and frugal cleaning products at TheThriftyCouple.com/SpringCleaning
Recipe by The Thrifty Couple at https://thethriftycouple.com/homemade-natural-food-surfaces-and-kitchen-areas-disinfectant-and-deodorizer/