Make 26 Homemade Natural Cleaning Products For Around $12 - Printable Shopping List Too
This shopping list will provide you with the necessary ingredients to make 26 Homemade Natural Cleaning Products with 9 ingredients and about $12. Also, please note that most of these will make several batches of the cleaning product that we will be sharing!
Recipe type: Cleaning Products
Kirks Castile Soap
  • -Kirks Castile bar soap 3-pk (found in the hand soap section) WM=$3.28 ($1.09 Each)
  • -Kirks Castile liquid soap 8oz. (found in the hand soap section) WM =$2.83
Bar soaps for Homemade Laundry Detergents (Pick Your Type)
  • -Pure Ivory Bar Soap (found in the bar soaps section of Walmart)(for baby and sensitive skin detergent) 10-pk for $3.97 or 3 bars for $1.24 making it as low as .38 each bar
  • - Zote Large 14.1 oz (top shelf next to laundry detergents) WM=.97, Kroger = .99
  • -Zote Soap Flakes 17.6oz. WM=$2.64
  • - Fels Naptha 5.5oz. (found on laundry aisle, but near specialty laundry products) WM=.97, Kroger=$1.69
Borax found in the laundry section near specialty products
  • - 76 oz. WM= $3.97
Washing Soda Arm and Hammer located in laundry section near specialty laundry products
  • - 55 oz. WM= $3.97
Coarse Salt these will make many, many batches
  • -Morton Ice Cream Salt and then blended to make it a little finer 4 lbs. in grocery section/spices aisle WM=$1.88
  • -Morton Coarse Kosher Salt 48 oz. (3 lbs.) WM=$1.88, Kroger =$1.89
  • -Kroger Brand Coarse Kosher Salt 48oz. (3 lbs.) Kroger= $2.49
Kool-Aid packets in citrus flavor like orange or lemon (unsweetened) found down aisle with drink mixes near water and soda. One packet makes one batch, so grab a few.
  • -Great Value (Walmart brand) .15 each
  • -Kool-Aid brand WM=.25, Kroger =.25
Vinegar found down aisle with ketchup/mustard
  • -Great Value (Walmart brand) 1-gallon= $2.48, 64oz. = $1.92, 32oz.=$1.22, 16 oz.=.82
  • -Heinz Gallon WM=$3.28
  • -Heinz Cleaning Grade (6% acidity vs. 5% acidity) Kroger= $3.79
  • -Kroger Brand 1-gallon=$2.49, 64oz. = $1.49
  • -Kroger Brand Cleaning Grade (6% acidity vs. 5% acidity) 64 oz. = $2.49
  • -Sam's Club or Costco Brands $3.98 for 2 1-gallons (2 gallons total) = $3.98 ($1.99 each)
Hydrogen Peroxide (found in the first-aid/medical section)
  • -16oz. WM=.52, Kroger=.57
  • -32oz. WM=.88, Kroger = $1.00
Baking Soda (don''t buy this in the laundry/cleaning section, but in the grocery section. They jack the price up for the exact same stuff!)
  • -Great Value (Walmart brand) 1lb. box =.54
  • -Kroger Brand 1ib. box = .99
  • -Arm and Hammer ½lb. box WM=.58, 1lb. box WM= .82, Kroger=.83, 2 lb. box WM= $1.46, Kroger = $1.89, 4lb. box WM=$2.24, Kroger = $3.59, 12lb. bag (192 oz) WM= $7.57, 13.5 lb bag Sam's Club = $6.59
  • -Hospitality Brand sold at Walmart 4 lbs. box (64oz.) = $1.98
Cheap Essential Oils
  • Don't forget the Essential Oils - this is the heart of the cleaners.
Other recommended items:
  1. Pumice Stone $1.88 (cleaning section at Walmart)
  2. Paper Towels (Walmart brand BIG roll with 140 sheets =.98 - this is not for cleaning, we recommend re-useable rags, but to make cleaning wipes)
  3. Microfibre rags or old t-shirts (the dollar store is a good place for this)
  4. Spray Bottles (you can recycle some from your home as long as they did not contain chemical products or harsh ingredients, otherwise, get new ones from Walmart for .98)
  5. Old Toothbrushes - instead of throwing them away, keep a pile for cleaning purposes
We also have a list of other recommended items you may want to have on hand too!

You can also use this list at any other store and as your price point to beat. Many of these items may be found in the dollar store.

Please note, all of the prices listed are based on our local Walmart's prices.
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