How to Build a $1,000 Emergency Fund in 30 Days




We want to help ALL OF YOU find $1,000 in the next 30-days.  This is FIRST for an emergency fund. If you do not have an emergency fund, you need one.  It is a very important step to gaining control of your finances.

Second, if you already have an emergency fund…CONGRATULATIONS! That is a big first step in meeting goals and gaining financial freedom…but you don’t get a ticket out of this challenge.  Instead, we want you to do this challenge with everyone so that you have an extra $1,000 to apply to your goals, debts, savings, etc. Although we don’t need to seed an emergency fund, we have done this process several times over the years for like an “annual financial goals boost” and we are going to do this again!  It’s great for that!

It’s also best to do this at the beginning of the challenge when the progressive savings account contributions are still small.  Keep working on this at a slow, progressive state. But we are going to make some sacrifices and put in a little extra time in the next 30-days for long term-gain.

A 30-day sacrifice is not really much compared to the end results of this challenge.

BUT… you have to be serious! $1,000 is not just going to “fall in your lap!” It would be nice, and we suppose that there are some rare few where this “might” happen, but for the rest of the world, we are going to work for that $1,000.

We know that it sounds hard, unpleasant, a pain, etc., just please stick with it for 30-days and pull out all of the stops!

Now that we have covered how serious we want you to be about this next challenge – think about the satisfaction you will feel after finding $1,000 – can you taste it?!

So how do I do it?

How do you find $1,000?  That is a GREAT question! In fact, we have an ebook that shares the steps to take to gain that $1,000 in 30-days from the easy to the more unique steps. This is filled with ideas and suggestions and will walk you through, task-by-task to find that income.

There are two sections to this book – the easy tasks that may be all you need to fill yourbank account with $1,000 more. But if this didn’t quite total $1,000 for you, then Section Two shares some more unique, extreme and very successful/nearly guaranteed (but keep in mind, more extreme) ideas to crunch down on to finish filling up the bank account to the $1,000.

Not only have we done most all of the ideas many times, but close friends and family have done these with great success.  Then, once we released our eBook on “How To Build Your $1,000 Emergency Fund in 30 Days”, we shortly started hearing testimonies from readers about how they were able to successfully implement the ideas and build their emergency funds, many even surpassing the $1,000 goal!

Some of the tasks are a one-time or once-in-a-while income boost, but some can be done regularly/monthly and many of our friends and family have and still do some of these monthly to help them continue to reach their goals faster.

Here’s one example that we got just last week:

“I used your How to build Your $1000 emergency Fund in 30 days and not only did I find it easy….I found $3474.79 by just cleaning out our closets. Amazing how that happened. Now I am going to take this challenge to conquer financial independence. Can’t wait to get started. Thanks for all your help…really..Thanks so much! :)” – Diane

What is so incredible is that once you start, you have the motivation to keep going because you are seeing results!

Do you want even more?

We encourage you to download this book and get going on building your emergency fund! But if you’re looking for even more resources to help you meet your financial goals, we encourage you to check out one of our step-by-step challenges to help you get there. Not only do we offer our 52-Week Take Back Your Finances Challenge (you’ll even get extra tips for your emergency fund), but we also offer other challenges to help you – whether you’re looking for Organization, Life Management or even Fitness, we have a challenge for you. Stop by and check it out!


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