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grocery ad matchups

We are excited to present the store lists for the following national and local stores. When you select a store in your state, it will open a new page with the current store lists with all coupons and deals you need to save your family money.

Select your store:

NOTE: If the dropdown below doesn’t take you to a new page, go HERE to the grocery lists and use the drop down list at the top left corner of the page.

Each of these lists give you access to the following great benefits:

  • Grocery sales
  • Matchups using coupons with the sale items for maximum savings
  • Click on the link directly to the coupons you want to print right from the list
  • Lists are customizable lists to select only the items you want to purchase and then printable so you can take your list right to the store

If you have a smart phone or tablet, you can also use any of the above lists digitally, or using the grocery app called FAVADO – it is a free app that we highly recommend as we use it personally too! See the details on Favado HERE. 


  1. says

    Another “Interesting” thing….since Western South Dakota does NOT have a Super Target to see what ‘sales’ on produce are going on??? Not sure how accurate this list might be.

    • says

      Hi Cherie, It doesn’t break it down by SD region, but there are some new Super Target stores in South Dakota (probably not Western SD), so those areas that have these stores, they can see the matchups made from the ad. Hope that helps!

  2. Carla Green says

    I don’t think I will be going back to my local super Target. I’m a fairly smart person and I have been working with coupons since my oldest child was a babe…29 years. The aisle with the small baskets loaded with the “smaller” version of popular items are considered ??? what ??? Are they “travel size” or are they “trial size”?? I said that they were travel size and the cashier said that Target considers them to be the same thing and I said no they are not, but then I said well if that is what you think then I don’t want them. Then I was told I couldn’t use my BOGO free Man. coupon with my $1/1 coupon. Mah-bad, because I didn’t have my Target coupon policy printed out. So today just wasn’t a good day for my “just picking up a few items” trip.

    • says

      I am sorry to hear that Carla. We have issues with our local Walgreens, but our Target is awesome! So it is so interesting how we all have different experiences. We rarely shop at Walgreens because they are so difficult with couponers. But sometimes we grin and bear it to grab the deals 😉 We did want to encourage you though and have you read our article on “YMMV” to see that many of us run into issues quite often!

      Hope you have much better experiences at other stores in your area!

  3. eastbaymom says

    I realize there might not be enough of us to make it worth the time, but is there any way you could add Shaws in RI to the match up list?


  4. Dusty says

    I am trying to see the Colorado “all in one” and I don’t see anything come up. I checked Arizona just to make sure it wasn’t some script error, and Arizona came up…is there an “all in one” for Colorado? Also, is there a list in that for King Soopers (which is a subsidiary of Kroger)? Thanks, love your site and your emails and all the tips!

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