Have You Seen Thrifty Helena?

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Did you spot Thrifty Helena (our Pontiac Montana)? If so we give you a warm welcome to our site.

But first let us share a short bio of Thrifty Helena – a trusty member of The Thrifty Couple Family:

She may have rust spots and dings
She may be sore on the eyes,
But let it be no surprise
She is our trusty, family mini-van.

Better yet she is owned outright
No more debts against her,
Just a family filled with tots
A family who loves her lots.

We look upon her with grace
We look upon her with smiles,
Because the secret is
We pray she has many more miles!

Now that you know her story, we would like to unveil the story of the family inside. We haven’t always been thrifty. In fact we share our story of how we quickly spent our way into over $100K of consumer debt after we were married. We felt we had no way out! But in just over seven years we paid it all off (we’re in the process of telling our story – check it out here). Plus we encourage you read our About Us to find out more about our family and site.

This site is our quest – to help you no matter your financial situation. Are you in debt? Let us share with you the tools and resources to help you dig your way out! Are you trying to find ways to save money in your family’s budget? Keep up with us and find out how to find those extra dollars where you might least expect it. Are you debt free? Awesome! Let us share with you our tips on living that life as a family and let’s take the next steps together in building up that inheritance for your children and children’s children!

First, our site is FREE (great price, eh?)! Let us share what our site offers:

  • An all-in-one savings and frugal living site to help you wisely steward your family’s finances!
  • Each day you will find a number of time-sensitive deals, coupons, discounts, savings and more. We share these in hopes of small changes that can add up to a larger savings on your budget and in hopes that at least some of the information each day will be a blessing to your family!
  • Each week we share ways to save via our shopping lists with coupon matchups for the cheapest local and national grocery store deals in your area as well as a weekly round-up of the cheapest places to get diapers and wipes that week (with an average savings of 50% off each week on this necessary, yet large expense)!
  • We also share money saving tips, resources and information to help you save and be a wise steward as a lifestyle. These tips are timeless and never expire (as opposed to many of our daily deals ;))
  • Continual resources and downloads to help you set budgets, get out of debt, develop your family economy, meet and beat financial goals and provide that inheritance for your children.

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Finally – we want to hear from you! Where did you see Thrifty Helena?


  1. Sandra says

    Hello – I enjoy reading your emails, but I have to be careful not to spend money that I don’t really have to get the super deals you show.

    My question – my printer or computer doesn’t like to print off coupons offered by coupon.com or any site that uses these coupons. I have downloaded what needs to be downloaded, installed it however every time I go to print a coupon it gives me the page that states the coupon couldn’t be printed and to be sure to look at the properties, etc, etc, etc. Any suggestions on what could be wrong. At one time, I could print these coupons but nothing now. Too many coupons are printed through these service and I feel I am missing out on savings.

    Thank you for your time and all you do. Sandra

  2. Diana says

    If you have problems with a website, try a different web browser. For example, firefox works better for us than explorer. Good luck.

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