FREE Money Saving Classes

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We offer a few different types of classes for FREE. These are all FREE Money-Saving Classes 101.

1. Class in homes  – get a group of 8 or more moms together and we will come to your home. This class is about 60-90 minutes. Teacher: Thrifty Cas

2. Couple’s FREE Money- Saving Class 101 – this class can be done in a home, church, business or other setting, we ask to get a group of 5 or more couples together and we will come teach for FREE! This class is 90 minutes. Teachers: both Thrifty Al and Thrifty Cas or just Thrifty Cas!


3. Introduction Class – this is a short 15-25 minute introduction to saving money. This class is primarily offered for businesses, churches, non-profit groups or other setting.  This is an alternative to the regular 60-90 minute class. Teachers: Thrifty Al or Thrifty Cas or Both!

Here is a list of what we teach at our FREE Money-Saving Class 101 (with the exception of the Introduction Class).

  • Shop at on only 1 grocery store – no running around town!
  • Buy all of your family’s groceries, household, and personal care items (including diapers) all for about $180 a month for a family of four – while building massive food storage at the same time!
  • NO clipping and filing individual coupons! Very quick and easy! A HUGE way to save money!
  • Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and have ease in meal planning!
  • FREE WEBSITE and FREE CLASS – there is no cost to attend and no cost to use the website!
  • Special exclusive class discounts on newspapers for the coupons and grocery store gift cards for being at a class

What could your family do with hundreds extra every month?

We personally teach these classes in Utah and the Great Las Vegas area.  There are other teachers in E. Washington, California, and Arizona coming soon!

To register for a FREE class or to be an organizer of one of our classes is easy! Just simply email us at thriftyus @ thethriftycouple . com (no spaces) with your location, top 2-3 preferred dates/times*, and your contact information.  We will then get back to you shortly to make final arrangements, we provide you with the invitations and information on how to get the word out easily!

*We teach classes everyday and at any time if it is available, except Sundays!


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