Deep in Debt to Debt Free Series

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Have you been following all our ups and downs in our Deep in Debt to Debt Free Series?  Or rather, maybe you’ve been following all our downs?  If you’ve been reading along then you know what we mean.  Don’t miss a single installment.  Check out the work in progress below!

If you wonder why we are sharing our story, please check out an excerpt below from The Baby that Saved Us Financially. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

And although we will try to detail the struggles and frustrations, we want you to know that it will probably sound easier than it was. It will probably seem like we were working through our plan like clockwork and we could see it all unfold before us. But we don’t want you to be deceived. What we are about to detail is a summary of our lives and years of struggle, of tension and many times of “not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel”. The hours of struggle would turn into days, the days into weeks, and so on. So often the ink on paper (or electronic ink) just doesn’t do justice to the pain and struggle. But we at least want to warn you to look for it. We want you to know it is real. We want you to know that when you say “I just don’t see any way out” that we’ve said the same thing. We can’t claim to be where you are at, but we can claim to know how it feels. And how that feeling of dread can affect everything you do. That is part of why we write this.


  1. Vicki says

    It was refreshing to hear this blog. My husband and I are the same and even had the same points of view. Then he lost his job, now it’s a struggle to find the way to cut back and pay down the debt.

  2. says

    It’s great to hear your stories. I could definitely relate to this. I’m in a financial situation where my salary seems not enough to cover my debts. Thanks for inspiring.

  3. says

    hello ; i would like to say this to you and if you can reply back to me that would be great also . I like to save money all the time ; this is the problem for me I am disabled I live month to month that is the truth I have a spinal cord injury and to be honest with you need help really bad ! What I mean is all of my money goes to pay the house payments each and every month ! i freeze every winter in my home ; i went into debt to take care of my 77 1/2 year old fahter who was a disabled veteran whom died last April 30th. 2011. so he can’t help pay the light bills each month and the gas bill and the insurance anymore that is how he helped me and i helped by giving us a home to live in . all of my disabliity money wnt to this home and land . I came to find that I have cancer again just had surgery two times already this year . I need help with getting the house warm for winter ; also while my daddy was on his death bed i came home to find that now i have to replace all 9 windows in my home ; the insurance stopped being my insurance because i needed the windows it had just been really bad weather out side which is why i think the windows need to be replaced because as anyone knows that all the windows in your home does not go bad with out somthing bad happening to make them go bad all at once !!!!!!! anyway i would like to know how i can get out of debt fast ! and I also would love to know if there is anyway at all that someone can help me with the windows and now the doors in my home pretty please ??????? I have no money to get any kind of help at all . I have tried to get help from the Goverment that they call the weatherzion people that help the low income the disabled the elderly with their homes ! But they didn’t do one thing really to help with getting the house warm in the winter infact they broke the craw space door to the craw space under my home ! & the very year that they came back to my home the year was 2011 in March of 2011 the very month that my daddy had his stroke and the year that he died on me they came back and broke the frame the to craw space opening so now there is not only cold air coming through the walls of the house but also the craw space now so please tell me how i can help myself with this ??? please with on money to get help & no one to help me at all ????? if you have any ideas at all please email me thank you kindly for listening I just pray that someone out there can really help me thank you so very much for your understanding & kindness also any help that you can give to me thank you ! thank you isn’t enough to tell you how much it would really mean to me to have help.

  4. Marilyn Hilton' says

    I would like to present to you extreme couponing, walmart price matching plus manufacturers coupons equals free or close to free food and taxable items. Pinterest is a great site to get homemade cleaning recipes on the cheap. Hope this helps as I already saved well over three hundred bucks in one month. Thankfully sharing , marilyn

  5. Krayon says

    Thank you for sharing your story. As I was reading it, I grew stone cold and felt my heart beat hard. It’s because I was on a similar path. We never talked about it. He acted out with alcohol and gambling. Then we really had no money. It was horrible. His addictions then turned to women and he met his sugar mistress. We divorced and he married her. His sleazy lawyer believed all of his lies as we went through a horribly drawn-out divorce. I ended up with very little.
    Since then, I went through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. I’m not debt free yet, nor have I saved my $500. But I’m learning to apply the steps, and I’m learning to make a plan for what I get. Little by little, I’m crawling out of the hole. I’m learning to wait and plan and wait some more. I’m denying myself a lot. I’m finding pleasure in small things, sunsets and sunrises. I am cooking more and spreading meals out for several days in varied dishes.
    I’m growing and maturing. Most importantly, I’m maturing in my walk with God and truly letting go and letting God.
    Someday, and of course I hope sooner than later, God will bring me a wonderful, godly man, who loves The Lord, and who practices Dave Ramsey’s principles.
    I’m waiting for my Boaz.
    Thank you again, for sharing your story. It’s comforting to know that others have walked a similar path and are overcomers. Praise be to God!!!
    Blessings abundant!

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