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Here are the current deals with coupon matchups for the Commissary.

Notes on Shopping at the Commissary:

  • The Commissary does accept printable coupons that have a dot barcode (bricks & or a pin number (Smartsource Coupons)
  • The Commissary DOES NOT participate in double, triple, nor super double promotions.
  • You are NOT allowed to stack a commissary/military coupon with a manufacturer coupon. You must use one (1) coupon per item, no exceptions.
  • Commissary DOES NOT accept competitor coupons.
  • Overage is allowed, but should NEVER be abused! (customers will receive full value of coupon if it exceeds the cost of the item).
  • You ARE allowed to use Walgreen Register Rewards, as well as manufacturer’s coupons with other store logos on them, i.e., Food Lion, Piggly Wiggly, Bi-Lo, etc.
  • Be sure to visit to view the entire list, as well as exact prices. Please remember that per DOD Regulations we are NOT allowed to post prices outside of the Commissary sites. These prices are meant to be shared with those that have access to such government privileges so please don’t abuse it or cause your privileges to be taken away…it’s not worth it.
  • See the Commissary Coupon Policy read Ch. 7 for coupon appectance guidelines & overage details.

Commissary Tutorials

Make A Plan Monday: Commissary & Walgreens RRs
“Tell It Tuesday”: Couponing at the Commissary

Additional Helpful Links

AAFES/BX Coupon Policy
View Current Military Sales
Kraft Military Brand Sales
Current Month’s Maxi-Saver Coupon Booklet

This list was compiled by Kay at – The Commissary Store Expert!

Conagra Brand promotions (good through the end of November)

Unilever Brand Promotions (good through the end of November)

Thanks Reap Your Harvest


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    DoD Instruction 1330.17 prohibits the dissemination of commissary product prices in or on any media intended to leave the commissary store. Product prices displayed on this web page are provided solely for the benefit of commissary patrons and are not intended to leave this “virtual commissary.” Sharing of these prices or price lists with others not authorized to shop in the commissary, or sharing them with someone who intends to publish them in a manner inconsistent with DoD Instruction 1330.17 may be considered to be an abuse of commissary privileges and may subject the patron to the penalties outlined in the Instruction

  2. says

    Greetings Cherie,

    I’ve been given permission from DeCA to post in the manner that you see above. These aren’t the actually prices listed. They’ve told me that I can share the sales and state that the items are less than “x” amount and then I provide the coupons that are available in effort to provide fellow military families with an opportunity to further increase their savings opportunities at the Commissary.

    Reaping In Abundance,

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