Kroger Free Stuff Friday – Most Recent Freebie

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by Cassie on August 8, 2014

Check out Kroger’s Free Friday Download eCoupon for this week – Friday, August 8, 2014. This post is updated each week with the most current free coupons from Kroger! Enjoy!


Free Friday Download ecoupon HERE 

Kroger and affiliate stores have their free download Friday, which means a coupon for a free item! You claim and download your digital coupon today, but you do have 2 weeks to redeem it! Today you can get your digital coupon for Chili’s Frozen Entree.

Kroger has many sister stores, so if you have any of these near you, you can get this freebie!  Kroger, Ralph’s, Food4Less, Fry’s Food Store, Fred Myers, QFC,Smith’s, Baker’s, City Market, Dillons Food Store,Foods Co, King Soopers,Pay Less Supermarket, Jay C Food Stores, Owen’s Market, Gerbes.

If you don’t have a rewards card, you can signup online very easily. To get this, go to the store’s website (links above for each store), register and load the digital coupon on your card.


Alex & Cassie

HOT Kroger and Affiliate Stores $25 off $50 Coupon

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by Cassie on February 10, 2014


PLEASE NOTE: This deal is now expired as they are out of coupons.  If you got one, you should be able to use it until 4/4/14. These hot offers are short-lived as they can only give out so many. 


This was too good of a coupon to not tell you about for those thousands of readers that live near a Kroger or Kroger affiliate store.  We live next to Smiths, which is one of the NW affiliate stores and we were able to load this coupon onto our Fresh Values card to use when we shop next!


And it is a HOT coupon – $25 off a $50 or more purchase! That means 50% off your grocery bill without trying!!

Then if you shop sales, markdowns, or sales with coupons, you could literally walk away with over $100 of groceries for $25! This coupon expires on 4/4/14 and has to be used all in one transaction.

Head to the Kroger site HERE and get your $25 off $50 coupon loaded to your card! Expired

 In addition, don’t forget to visit our grocery section of our site HERE to get your free digital or printable shopping list at Kroger stores with the sales and even coupons to use this week to make your shopping trip quick and easy!

We are curious if any of these or all of these coupons were available to you.  Please leave a comment in the comments section to let us know if they were available in your area!

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Thanks to How To Have It All for the head’s up on this coupon!


Alex & Cassie

Cheap and Free Ivory Soap (Use In Our Homemade Laundry Detergent and More Homemade Recipes)

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by Cassie on August 20, 2013


We are always on the lookout for great deals on Ivory soap?  Why?  We use Ivory a lot between our homemade personal care products and one of our absolute most favorite CHEAP homemade laundry detergents! All of these require Ivory soap!

We know many of you are looking for deals on these too if you are using our recipes or other recipes requiring Ivory soap!

So here you go – get it cheap (and possibly free)!   You can also price match at Walmart!

Ivory Soap 3 pk.-$1 at Kroger and Kroger affiliate stores
-Use $0.50/1 Ivory or Safeguard Personal Cleansing Product  found in the 7/28 Procter and Gamble Newspaper Coupon Insert (doubles to $1 in stores that double)
- = FREE – .50 for 3 bars! 

Then be sure to come back here and try out our Homemade Sensitive Laundry Detergent Like Dreft or Ivory Snow recipe HERE.  


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Thanks Mojo Savings


Alex & Cassie

Grab a Bunch of FREE Reach Floss with New Coupons (Hurry To Get The Coupons)

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by Cassie on July 29, 2013

YAY – we haven’t seen one of these coupons for a long while and the ones we have seen have been about a .50 value for half price floss.  Free floss has been even longer with this simple transaction! Well, today is the day to print your coupons and then you will have a few weeks to pick up your free floss!

We printed these coupons and read the restrictions and it says “any’ Reach Floss product, which means that there is the regular floss at either Walmart, Target, Kroger and affiliate stores as well as many other stores all around town all priced for .97 – $1 each.  With the coupons above = FREE!   There is a variety of floss that costs less than $1.00 with many flavors.   We haven’t paid for floss in YEARS because we have stocked up with this coupon when it has been available in the past!

So again, you should be able to find Reach Floss for $1 or less at Walmart and many other stores in your area.  Print your coupon twice from each computer to be able to stock up on the free price!

$1.00 off any (1) REACH Floss Product

These coupons may not last long!

Print your $1.00 off Reach Floss which means free floss coupon HERE!

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Alex & Cassie

Kroger and Affiliate Stores P&G Pop To Save Game: Win $1 – $15 off Your Next Shopping Trip

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by Cassie on January 11, 2013

kroger logo promotions

Kroger and affiliates (in our area, the affiliate is Smiths) has a really fun promotion going on right now! They have a P&G Pop To Save giveaway. You just simply log-in and play the game to win prizes instantly! The cool part is that they are giving several thousand prizes from $1 – $15 off your next in-store purchase.  The game ends on January 12, 2013.

The odds of winning are really great each time Kroger runs promotions before, many people win FREE products or money off.

The prizes are automatically loaded onto your shoppers card, then you can redeem them next time you are in the store! So, as we shop at Smiths, my prizes were loaded onto our Smiths Fresh Values card!

Head to the Kroger site HERE and choose your store to play and hopefully win!

We just played and won money off our next checkout, it was the lowest prize at only $1 off – but hey…it is $1 off of something I would normally get!   That is my favorite prize as it doesn’t matter what we buy and we get that discount!

Let us know what you win!!!!

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Thanks Mojo Savings


Alex & Cassie