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Amazon Sale: Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper Only .38 Each Double Roll Shipped FREE

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by Cassie on April 21, 2014


Amazon has a great deal on Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper 48 – double rolls (96 rolls equivalent) for only .38 each double roll which is .19 per roll when you choose the subscribe and save option in the top right corner. This is the best price we have seen on this brand for a very long time! 

This deal is great too because you can shop from home and it will be shipped to you for FREE!

Here’s how to get 48-double rolls Quilted Northern Ultra Plus Toilet Paper for $18.15 shipped!

Amazon’s prices can change at any time.

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Please note:  the 5-15% discount is for the Subscribe and Save option.  Amazon states that you can cancel subscribe and save at any time, including right after the order.  So if you do not intend to continue having them automatically delivered, cancel the subscribe and save soon after so you do not forget (wait for your items to ship before canceling as it will cancel your current order)!

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All You Magazine Subscription Deal At .83 Per Issue (The Coupon and Savings Magazine)

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by Cassie on April 21, 2014


This is a very rare opportunity for All You Magazine, this time last year was the last time it was offered. So if you missed it last April, you can nab it this time!

This comes out to be only .83 per issue, which is virtually un-heard of!

If you have tried to save money or live a frugal life-style in any way, then you have probably come across one of the most popular magazines for couponers and frugal thinkers alike – All You Magazine.  It is one of our favorites and one of the best magazines out there for the money-savers.  But, you may have also noticed that due to it’s high demand and popularity, it rarely goes on sale!

Well, for a short time, there are two great deals on this magazine!

If you are not familiar with this popular magazine, make sure to check out more information on what each issue of ALL YOU contains! We often find most coupons are higher value than other coupon sources and most are exclusive to All You Magazine as well!

So here’s the deal, All you sells exclusively at Walmart for $2.49 each issue, you can subscribe for the online promotional price of $20 for the year.  But, you can get it for 50% off the lowest subscription price with their 2 for 1 sale.  You can get 2 subscriptions for at the promotional price of $19.92.  This is .83 per issue!

So what this means is 4 things: (Please note, you should also be able to extend any current subscriptions on this deal too)

  1. Get double subscriptions for double the coupons for your own family, or
  2. Give a free gift to your Mother, friend, or anyone else that would benefit from this magazine, or
  3. Split the cost with a friend who has been wanting to get this magazine and each of you will get a subscription for only .83 each issue!
  4. If you already have a subscription, you can bless two other people for the cost of 1 with a gift subscription!

Click HERE for your 2 for 1 Subscription Deal to ALL YOU Magazine that comes out to be .83 Each Issue

There is also a second promotion that isn’t quite as good as the first, but still decent! You can subscribe to All You magazine for 1 year (12 issues) for only $12, which is $1 an issue.

Click HERE for the $1 per issue deal on All You Magazine

Both of these sales end April 30, 2014.

Disclaimer: We receive a commission for All You subscriptions purchased through the link above, but we only post a deal on this magazine when we honestly think there is one. Thank you for supporting our site if you choose to order this magazine deal through our site.

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2014 Entertainment Books Only $10.40 (Tax Break Sale Ends 4/17/14)

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by Cassie on April 16, 2014

We are posting this great sale on a coupon book we use regularly! This is a great price and so we didn’t want you to miss out in case you wanted one! It goes through 4/7/14 and then it goes back up in price!

Have you heard of Entertainment Coupon Books before?  Well, we are going to repost the same information we shared before to explain what they are! 

These are the big huge coupon books that have thousands of coupons to your local restaurants, services and more and gives you 50% off of that service/restaurant, etc.

They are very popular and we usually get two books each year to re-visit some of our favorite places.

Well, we bring this up right now because they are usually $35 plus shipping, but until April 14th, they are having a sale on the 2014 Entertainment Book at $10.40 plus $2.49 shipping for each book.

That’s a 70% savings.  You can buy multiples for your household, or combine orders with friends.

These are also great gifts as it allows you or your gift receiver to eat out, be entertained, grocery discounts, museums, outings and so many more things in your local area for 50% off.  There are literally thousands of 50% off coupons in the Entertainment Book!

The coupons all expire November 1, 2014, so you will also have many months to use the coupons. And to us there is no question about the value of the book. The hundreds of coupons available to you will usually make up the price of the $35 book in one transaction – but you will only have to pay $10.40 for their “tax break” sale (get it…. 1040 = $10.40 ;)).

This book is HUGE and thick has thousands of coupons in it for 50% off or Buy One Get One FREE coupons for the businesses in your local area!

Let’s give you an example of why we love our book each year.  Our local Kroger affiliate (Smiths) shows the $5 off coupon – on top of all your other discounts and coupons!  What this means is that in using 2-3 coupons between now and November 2014, you can make up the $35 cost of the book and have the rest of the hundreds of coupons to literally be savings throughout the year!   And their image on the top of the page highlights the “$5 off groceries” which just tells us this is available in many, if not all of their books!

Here’s an example from the 2012 book, but we get them every year! There were 4 of these in the book, one for each quarter of the year.

Plus, not only does the book provide awesome coupons to help you save off a purchase you’re already making, but they also offer great FREEBIES even without purchase!  Notice just a few of the great freebies below, on national brands as well, that don’t require a purchase.  If you’re out and about, this can be a nice way to either get a FREE snack or  help compliment a small snack or meal!

These are examples of just a few of the hundreds of coupons found each year in these books!

Again, they normally sell for $35 plus shipping, but they are having a tax break sale to drop the price to $10.40 and $2.49 for the shipping.

Head to the site HERE to buy your 2014 Entertainment Coupon Book for $10.40

Note: Coupons will vary by location but should compare in their awesomeness and great value!

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Maximize Amazon Subscribe and Save to Receive Even Better Discounts

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by Alex on April 11, 2014


Note from The Thrifty Couple: This is written by our friend Theresa (mom to a family of 11) who has been using the Amazon Subscribe and Save program for a while now and is sharing how it all works and the benefits of it! We also use Amazon Subscribe and Save monthly as it is like shopping Walmart’s prices, but online, plus even more discounts to make the prices better.  But we will let her tell you all about it! 

The UPS delivery woman knocks briskly on my door a lot around the beginning of the month, leaving my porch filled with awkwardly stacked boxes. That’s because my Amazon Subscribe and Save order arrives between the 1st and 7th every month. I love Subscribe and Save.

Getting Started with Subscribe and Save

The Amazon Subscribe and Save program can be a convenient and easy way to save money. Here are some basics if you are ready to try it out!

Not all grocery items are part of the Subscribe and Save program. If they are available for subscription, you will see an option to subscribe to the item under the “Add to Cart” button. To subscribe, just select the quantity and frequency of delivery, and click subscribe now.


If that seems like a lot of commitment, don’t worry! You aren’t marrying it, you can change any of the details about your subscription at any time. It is easy to access your Subscribe and Save subscription page from the options under the “Your Account” tab. You can even cancel an item before the first shipment is sent if you change your mind, just as long as you do it before your order is prepared.

If you end up running out too soon, or not needing the next shipment, you have the option to change the schedule to make the delivery frequency anywhere from 1 month to 6 months apart. Or, if you end up getting a great deal somewhere else on a usually delivered item, you can skip a delivery with one click.

Amazon will send you an email every month before they get your Subscribe and Save order ready, reminding you that your order is shipping soon. This is your chance to make any changes. I check mine over carefully to make sure that I want to get all the items this month that are scheduled to come.

Subscribe and Save Discounts

Getting the best deal on Subscribe and Save takes some savvy shopping and knowledge of how the program works. Let’s talk discounts.


Every subscribe and save order gets a 5% discount off the regular “Add-to-Cart-and-Ship-Now” price . For veteran coupon shoppers, this doesn’t sound like much. Don’t worry, it gets lots better! If you subscribe to 5 or more items to be delivered on your monthly delivery day, you will get 15% off your entire Subscribe and Save shipment. For Amazon Mom’s members, that 15% gets bumped up to 20%. So make sure you are signed up for Amazon Mom, which also gets you 20% off of diapers and wipes subscriptions, regardless of how big your monthly shipment is.

If you haven’t already done it, you should sign up for a free 3 month trial to Amazon Mom which includes Prime benefits. That’s a great way to get the best available discounts and see if Subscribe and Save works well for your family’s needs.

Stacking Discounts with Coupons

Alright, so 15% or 20% off is more like honest to goodness savings, isn’t it? The real fun starts though, when you realize that you can stack Amazon coupons with a Subscribe and Save discount. The coupon applies only to the first month’s delivery of the item. However, since it is so easy to cancel, signing up for a Subscribe and Save shipment with every intention of only getting that first, deeply discounted order is no problem. Just make sure you are checking over your order thoroughly every month when you get that reminder email to make deletions and any other needed changes to any previous orders.

There are two basic types of coupons at Amazon: the fixed dollar off amount, and the percentage off.

The best strategy for the dollar off type is usually to look for the smallest unit available. A $1.50 off coupon might not make much of a dent in the price of a 6 pack of deodorant for instance, but can make a single deodorant a screaming deal after discounts. These dollar off coupons for small items can be a great way to build up to the 5 items a month needed to get your 15% (or 20% for Amazon Mom’s members) off for the whole order.

For the percentage off coupons, the percentage is figured from the original price. So a 25% off coupon stacked with a 15% discount makes for a true 40% off. These coupons are often a great way to stock up, if you have the margin in your budget to buy a case. Of course, I do find with my 9 children (4 of whom are teenagers), there is no such thing as stocking up, there is only more to eat!

Sometimes coupons stick around for a month or more, sometimes they only last a very short time. Check out the Amazon coupon page HERE to find out what deals are currently offered.

Recurring Shipments

There are several items that I just find very convenient to be shipped to me. I get a case of high quality toilet paper and paper towels at a great price, shipped every other month without having to wait for sales or coupons, wrestle it into a cart, then in and out of the car. I appreciate that a lot. Coconut oil, Larabars, and tea are other items I have in my recurring shipments. Just check the prices on items you normally get locally or through a co-op and see if Subscribe and Save is cheaper.

When shopping for items for recurring delivery, make sure you check all sizes, flavors, and quantities available. There is often a significant difference in per unit price between these variations. Like box and mortar stores, Amazon does provide a per ounce or per item price to make comparison easier. Look for it right after the price on the product description page. Just like regular stores though, sometimes the unit being used isn’t consistent, so you have to figure it out yourself!

If you happen to see a coupon for an item that is already part of your regular shipment (as has happened to me a couple times), the only way to take advantage of that deal is to start a new delivery order for that item. Then just make sure you go and cancel the other standing delivery if you don’t want to be receiving two of the same. Your most recent Subscribe and Save orders will be closest to the top on your Subscribe and Save account page, scroll down to find the one you need to cancel. Sometimes a coupon you used to subscribe the previous month will still be valid, and you can just rinse and repeat.

Here’s hoping you find some great Subscribe and Save deals, and your UPS deliveries are exciting every month!

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10 Popular Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Plus Ideas From $2 – $20

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by Cassie on April 9, 2014


Mother’s Day is coming up and so we wanted to share all sorts of ideas from our 20 Homemade Mother’s Day Gift ideas, to the most popular gifts to buy online for a good price from Amazon.

So here’s 10 of the most popular ideas on Amazon!

Willow Tree Mother and Daughter


Description from the site: “Mother and daughter-celebrating the bond of love between mothers and daughters.Willow Tree is an intimate, personal line of figurative sculptures representing qualities and sentiments that help us feel close to others, heal wounds or treasure relationships. Susan Lordi carves each original piece with this thought in mind. Her figures continue to evolve as she identifies emotions so important for us to convey and renders them in simple, pure gestures. These art forms beautifully express love, closeness, healing, courage, hope all the emotions of a life well lived.”

“I’m A Mom, What’s Your SuperPower?” 12oz Coffee Mug


Description from the site: “Hand painted ceramic decal message mug. Red background with message ‘I’m a Mom. What’s your super power?’ Raised message and dots with purple interior. Measures:4 1/2″ H X 3″ Opening. Holds 12 oz. Dishwasher safe/FDA approved/Microwave safe. Gift Boxed.”

Bracelet Mom Dangle Heart Charm with Wings


Description from the site: “Mom bracelet depicts the love and devotion, of a mom, she is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. Free Organza Gift Bag included. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway. She is your partner in time, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark. Bracelet Mom in Dangle Heart Charm with Wings on Bracelet Gift Idea Bracelet for Mom.”



Description from the site: ?This is a brand new 12″ tall and 8″ wide sign. Our novelty signs are made from outdoor durable plastic with professional grade vinyl graphics. These signs will never rust or fade, perfect inside or out (4-5 years outdoors)! The sign has round corners and a hole pre-drilled for easy mounting. This item is in stock and ready to ship, generally the following business day. Please check out all our other signs, they make the perfect gift for any occasion.The perfect gift for Mom. Reserve her spot with no question. Embossed aluminum sign with baked on finish. Two holes for easy mounting. Made in the USA.”

“A Mother Holds Her Child’s Hand” Heart Pendant Necklace


Description from the site: “Celebrate the special bond between a mother and child with this sentimental heart-shaped pendant. This ribbon loop heart pendant is inscribed with a message that celebrates the enduring nature of a mother’s love. The pendant is threaded on an included 18-inch box chain. Choose from sterling silver or 14k gold plating.”

Malden Bronze Script Mom Picture Frame


The Bronze script frame shares special a special moment in time with others. This is a casted metal frame with the sentimental words “I love you”. Share the memory for a lifetime.

Willow Tree Mother and Son


Mother and son-celebrating the bond of love between mothers and sons. willow tree is an intimate, personal line of figurative sculptures representing qualities and sentiments that help us feel close to others, heal wounds or treasure relationships. Susan lordi carves each original piece with this thought in mind. her figures continue to evolve as she identifies emotions so important for us to convey and renders them in simple, pure gestures. these art forms beautifully express love, closeness, healing, courage, hope all the emotions of a life well lived.

Mothers Are Forever Gift Box


This gift includes: -Mothers Are Forever Book Inspirational thoughts and love for Mom -Pear Blossom Moisturizing Body Wash -Pear Blossom Moisturizing Body butter -3″ Aromatherapy Pillar Candle -Terry cloth & Sisal Loofah sponge -Rose Petals fizzies -White gloss gift Box. A wonderful gift for many occasions!

“Best Mom Ever” T-Shirt


This cute tee has several color options available and is 100% cotton. Machine washable.

My Mom’s the Best Mom (Hardcover)


She was there from your very first memory. She plans your birthday parties, but yells when you forget to put away the toys. She kisses the bruises and scrapes and fevered forehead, and makes them better. She stands up for you at school, but brooks no nonsense when it’s time to do homework. She cuts out of meetings to see you play soccer, and tells you a joke after the game you lost. And while Dad says you look perfect no matter what, Mom gives it to you straight–including when you really are perfect. The relationship between a mother and child is as honest as it is loving as it is pragmatic as it is forever.

Also, if you have a specific budget in mind, check out our gift lists in these budget price ranges as you may find something special there!


Be sure to see these lists for even more ideas on the cheap:

Please note, any of the above prices can change at any time without notice.

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