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$10 Dominos Pizza Gift Card for $5 (50% off Pizza!)

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by Cassie


If you are a fan of Dominos then you might want to check out this Groupon deal HERE today! You can get a $10 egift certificate to Dominos for only $5. 

The eGift Card may be applied online, over the phone, or in-store to any order.  This is a nationwide deal available in the US.  It may be available in other countries, just head to your country’s Groupon site to check! Here’s the Canada Groupon site.

To get this Groupon:

  • Head to the Groupon site HERE and log-in or register
  • Then look for this Dominos deal


  • Click on “view deal”
  • Then click on “buy”

To redeem your Groupon after purchase:

  • The voucher/egift certificate will not be activated for 24 hours.
  • After that, you can click on your name at the top right when you are logged in.
  • Then click on “My Groupons”
  • Then view voucher
  • Use your certificate online, over the phone or in-store for your purchases.

We are going to each be grabbing one from each of our accounts.  Pizza is a special treat for us, but even better, Dominos has the best gluten-free pizza everSo I am happy to have a rare gluten-free treat for much less!

These would also make for a fun treat for kids’ date night in or a kids’ sleepover.  Either way, this is a popular deal and it is available for 6 days or until they run out! 


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Alex & Cassie

Incredible Deals on Quality Tablet Cases for Over 50% (Starting at $6.95)

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by Cassie


We recently purchased a tablet with leftover funds from our education/homeschool budget for educational purposes.

We were floored with the prices of cases in our local stores – especially when compared to the cost of the actual tablet.  We held off purchasing a case, until now! We searched on Amazon for a tablet case specifically for our model of tablet and came across a line of tablet cases that have the highest number of reviews, and all great reviews.  The cases have a few different functional uses and they were the best we have seen – and the price is awesome!!

So, we purchased a case or a great price comparatively that allows for protection, carrying and practical uses of our tablet.

The line of cases are the MoKo cases. It looks like they have dozens of options in many colors in each one – literally many options of cases for each specific model of tablet.  They even have the cases with the keyboards for the lowest prices we have seen!

So, if you don’t want to get nickeled-and-dimed on the accessories for your tablet, spend half the money and get a much better case by checking out these cases, starting at $6.95.  They are all 50% off or more.  Ours was 78% off!


Here’s just a few of the many options! 

Head to Amazon HERE for the different tablet cases for the different tablets at 50% off or more!

They will also ship free with Prime or a $30 or more purchase!

*Please note that Amazon’s prices change frequently so we are not sure how long this price will last!


Alex & Cassie

Great Sam’s Club Membership Deal: Pay $45 for 1-Year and Get $20 Gift Card and $26 in Free Food (Basically Means FREE!)

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by Cassie


You will be very happy to see this deal again! Every once in a while, Groupon offers this Sam’s Club deal.  It has been about twice a year.  Last time Groupo had it, it was in November.  So it’s nice to see it back as this is a popular deal through a reputable website!   Basically, in the end, you will get a $5 annual membership!

What this deal is that you spend $45 and here’s what you get:

  • One-year Sam’s Club Savings Membership (a $45 value)
  • Complimentary membership card for a spouse or other household member
  • $20 gift card valid for any in-club, online or fuel purchases
  • Four Fresh-food vouchers, redeemable at the time of membership activation through Monday, October 27, 2014 (a $26.23 value), including:
    • Sliced oven-roast turkey (22 oz. – $7.98 value)
    • Ciabatta rolls (8 ct. – $3.99 value)
    • Black bean five-layer dip (28 oz. – $7.98 value)
    • Apple pie (10” – $6.28 value)

Since the membership alone is $40, you will essentially receive $46 in additional freebies, which pays for the membership!  This is a great option, but you can only get it for a short time or until they sell out. Please note, your membership is valid for one full year after you activate your membership in-store… But to get the $26 in free food, you do need to activate by 10/27/14.

We took advantage of this deal back in November. We have a Costco membership and do like Costco better – there are still several things at Sam’s Club we like to get the member price on… and the biggest factor was that it really ended up costing nothing extra,  so it was totally worth it to have it for the year!

Don’t wait on this deal as it will most likely sell out! 

 So head over to the Groupon site and check out this sweet deal right now for a Sam’s Club Membership Package valued at $91 for only $45!


  • Click on the blue arrow to make your purchase!

* As an added bonus, all new Sam’s Club members will receive $80 in special members-only savings on select popular items.¹ These savings are valid 30 days after membership activation.

We also wanted to mention the items that we buy regularly at Sam’s Club.  Costco is different as we buy a whole lot more than we do at Sam’s Club, but that is a topic for another day.

Be sure to read the fine print, but one thing to note, this is NOT for renewals.  It is for NEW memberships ONLY.

For example – these items (in our experience) seem to be the cheapest and hard price to beat at the store:

  • Fresh shredded Parmesan (the hard kind) is cheapest there
  • Hormel real bacon bits (these are quite pricey for the non-imitation) in the regular store and we use it in recipes and salads a lot!
  • French’s Fried Onions
  • Honey (although we have been able to get this in our local grocer’s case lot sales the last 2 years for cheaper)
  • There are some frozen bulk foods that can only be found at Sam’s Club that we really like too
  • When we do make our quarterly or so run to Sam’s Club – we often find great produce deals and will stock up to eat fresh or freeze for the future.
  • For a large item deal – we have found that Sam’s Club is a great place to get freezers – for your awesome food deals – they seem to have lower and very competitive prices on new freezers
  • Our most recent large purchase was a new t.v. that was last year’s floor model for over 75% off.  They had it marked down by over 70% as it was last year’s model and the floor display and then we talked them down by another $55.
  • When you are not getting your digital photo prints for FREE and need some photo prints now – Sam’s Club has the lowest price at .08 – .13 a print. It is also easy to upload them from your computer and pick them up in the store and even cheaper that way!
  • They can also have good deals on office type supplies and ink if/when you get in a bind and have not been able to get those items cheap lately and need them now.  We mostly buy our ink with our Max Perks rewards – but have still needed to make a Sam’s Club ink run here and there.
  • With some exceptions – we will purchase the frozen chicken or fish if/when we run out and there are no immediate sales (see our explanation on saving on meat).
  • Finally, we go through batteries very quickly with our camera that is always on ;) We cannot stock-up fast enough to keep up with our usage (after we run out of our awesome stock from the office store sales) so we get the excess that we need at Sam’s Club as they have the lowest everyday price (along with Costco).

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Alex & Cassie

Cute Infinity, Cross, Love Bracelet Only $1.16 Shipped Free For Everyone

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by Cassie


What a DEAL! This adorable Infinite, Cross, Love bracelet is only $1.16 shipped FREE for everyone – no minimum required! I am grabbing one for myself and some for gifts!


Head to Amazon HERE for this awesome bracelet deal

*Please note, Amazon’s prices and/or stock can change at any time!

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Alex & Cassie

How to Make the Perfect Blackened Salmon The First Time

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by Cassie


I want to share one of the most awesome cooking experiences I have had with you! I am not getting paid or endorsed to talk about this in any way, we post things that we do and sometimes there happens to be tools that we actually really like and want to talk about.

And the tool I am sharing is actually currently 15 years old as we got it as a wedding gift 15 years ago.  We use this tool all of the time, that we have talked about investing in a “family” size one, but I still use the 2 person/individual one for our family and it still works fine.

So what is it? Well, you may have guessed by now – a George Foreman Indoor Grill.

I use it a lot to make quesadillas, hot dogs (only real beef, nitrate free as I have issues with hotdogs otherwise), grilled cheese sandwiches… etc. Those are the common things….but a while ago, I shared how I cook bacon now on a George Foreman Grill.

Well, we get salmon on occasion with a really good sale, but it still only means that we only eat it a few times per year.  Even with a sale, it can be expensive. That means, when I cook it, I want to get it RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!

I can’t afford make make a mess-up.  The few times I have cooked it, it has been in a butter lemon sauce in the oven in a pan, which still hasn’t been great, but decent.

Well, I was preparing to cook it, when the thought of my George Foreman Grill popped in my mind.  I didn’t have a recipe book, I didn’t have the original book that came with the grill (it’s been 15 years and a few moves), but I thought I would just take a stab in the dark.

Well, I have now done this a few times and it is very hard to mess-up, meaning you can get perfect Blackened Salmon every time!


Here’s how to get Perfect Blackened Salmon everytime!


  • Plug your George Foreman Grill in so that it will warm up for about 10 minutes.
  • Then “dry rub” your Salmon on one side – wait on the other side for just a minute.  Don’t add any oils, butters or other ingredients.  Just your dry rub.  We used a Cajun Seasoning because there are not many things that are better on this earth than Cajun Blackened Salmon. However, a few of our kids can’t handle the “spicy” so for their pieces, we just use garlic salt and lemon pepper = perfection for the non-spicy palette. 


  • Then place on the grill with the spiced side down.
  • While it is on the grill, before you close it, spice the other side with the dry rub.


  • Then close it and cook for 5-8 minutes.


This is about half way through

  • It will cook perfectly, make nice black grill marks and make a Perfect Blackened Salmon the first time.


  • I remove it off the grill with tongs to keep it all together as I place it on the plate.  It is so perfectly cooked that it will flake apart easily!


  • YUMMY….. can you smell that?  It is the smell of perfected Salmon with little evidence and sweat!  - ENJOY!


What else do you cook on the George Foreman Grill?

Now we think that a George Foreman Grill is worth the cost because it has saved us time and money (I totally stink at cooking bacon and this saved the bacon too!) and is so convenient!  I don’t use it as much as my rice cooker or my crockpot, but I do use it often.


This is the one we have and use for our family (of 7, although I have to cook everything in batches, but it is still only a few minutes) is only $16.88 on Amazon HERE and free shipping with Amazon Prime or a $25 or more order.

In addition, Amazon has the best, consistent prices around, so if you are looking for something bigger or a different type of George Foreman Grill, you can see all the sale prices on George Foreman Grills Amazon here.

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