Amazon: 50% Extra Discount on Diapers on Top of Other Discounts (70+% Discount)

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by Cassie on March 31, 2014


YAY! Amazon is offering a very nice discount and promotion for new members to the Amazon Mom’s diapers, wipes and baby products savings program! Right now, new member’s will get 50% discount on diapers above the already super online prices and 20% discount that Amazon Mom’s members receive.  So we highly recommend joining the program now for that  additional 50% off your first pack! We have ben Amazon Mom’s members for a few years and it is one of the best investments we have made as parents of little kids.


Here’s what this program is all about: you will receive an additional 20% total discount on the prices of the diapers, wipes, baby food, etc., including on the items that are on sale as well! This is extra savings in your pocket. PLUS  you will receive emails with even more special offers and savings. Anyone who takes care of babies and toddlers can sign-up for this program – for example: dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, care providers, etc.

Amazon actually has some of the best prices consistently anyway, so if you are not already buying your diapers on Amazon, here’s why you should normally (this is what we have been doing consistently for over a year)!

Here are the three ways to save to make the prices so low everyday:

  • Amazon’s sale prices
  • Then the 20% discount for being an Amazon Mom’s member  and using Subscribe and Save (it’s free to participate for the first 3 months and anyone that takes care of kids can join, not just moms)
  • Then they almost always have ecoupons for great savings from $1 – $3 ecoupon

So those are the “normal ways” to get some rock bottom diaper prices and shop from home! We spend $20 a month on diapers by doing this normally!

*Tip – the Club Size Boxes that Amazon sells are the same prices or even lower at times as Costco and Sam’s Club. Amazon is very, very competitive with these two big box stores on diapers and other club size packages on foods too! 

Well….. it’s even better. Amazon Mom is currently offering a 50% diapers credit when you sign up as a new member for their 3-month trial. But with this sweet 50%, you can combine ways to save as listed above and end up with $50-$60 of Pampers, Seventh Generation or Huggies diapers for around $10-$15.


  • First, if you are not already, you will want to join Amazon Moms for your additional 20% discount  and the extra 50% diapers credit going on right now –  then come back here for the rest of the steps. Please note, this extra 50% off credit will only work for those of you that have never been Amazon Mom’s members.  You get a free 3-month trial, and then after that you will need to cancel if you do not wish to continue, otherwise you will be charged for this service (but you get Amazon Prime with it as well and it is so worth it – Here’s an article on the benefits of Amazon Prime here).
  • Then purchase a pack of eligible Amazon Mom diapers from this page.  The prices shown are BEFORE your discounts!
  • To add it to your cart with all discounts, select the Subscribe & Save option at checkout to get the extra 20% off Amazon Mom discount, plus FREE shipping and your EXTRA 50% discount will be automatically deducted. (You can cancel Subscribe & Save later under your account options, after your order ships.)

The have had this program the last few years and it has been a huge blessing to many households.  We haven’t seen an additional 50% discount with it or other special discounts for a while for new members, so this is a HUGE DEAL!

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Alex & Cassie

Six All-In-One Designer Cloth Diapers with Inserts for $40.98 Shipped

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by Cassie on March 5, 2014


Have you considered using cloth diapers?  We use cloth diapers…. but part-time.  What that means is that I use cloth at home and disposable during the night and if/when we go out.  This has saved us hundreds of dollars!

Basically, we now only have to buy a case of diapers (we typically buy Luvs, but whatever is the best deal from Amazon Mom’s at the time) on Amazon for around $20-$25 every 2-3 months.

Honestly, I have chosen to cloth diaper half time because it is annoying to me personally to pack around soiled diapers during the day when I am out and I also don’t have to worry about leaks at night.  If we have more kids one day, who knows, I might do it full time!  We still have one in diapers and this has worked very well for us! We do use this cloth sprayer HERE which has made a huge difference in the ease of cloth diapering.

So, the reason we mention the idea of saving money on diapers by using cloth is that we saw some starter kits on Amazon for a pretty sweet price, which makes the value in cloth diapering even greater!

Many times, just the diaper is around $10 and right now you can get 6 of them, along with 6 inserts for $34.99 plus $5.99 shipping for $40.98 total.  This is for the All-In-One diaper and so that’s an even better option! And this is a pretty decent price!


We don’t have this brand, but the reviews on Amazon are really good to suggest that these might be a great way to go!

They have many different colors, designs and styles – they all vary in price some, but there are some good deals!

Here’s the details of these diapers:

  • 6 diapers and 6 inserts
  • Three rows of adjustable snaps to allow for a small/medium/large size in one diaper
  • Hip snaps to prevent the sides from drooping
  • Waist tab overlaps for extra small waist size
  • Breathable, washable, soft and strong absorbent

Check out all of the options on Amazon HERE. 

You can also visit our Amazon category HERE to see if there is anything else you may want to grab for a deal to bundle in your order for FREE shipping!

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Alex & Cassie

Today Only: Children’s Place Jeans $7, Tees $3.50, Clearance $1.39 Shipped Free

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by Cassie on March 3, 2014


With the 30% off coupon code, Denim is $7 and Tees are $3.50 all shipped free today

It’s time for another awesome Children’s Place sale!

Here’s what’s going on today:

Children’s Place is offering free shipping on all orders.  In addition, they have coupon code: MONDAY3 for 30% off your entire purchase!  What this means is that you can get some amazing deals with their current clearances and sales.

Right now, they have basic denim for $10 = $7 with coupon code and free shipping. Also, they have the graphic tees on sale for $5 = $3.50 after coupon code and free shipping!  These are just two great examples right now.

In addition, we would recommend checking out the clearance to see if they have anything you need/want because you will get another 30% off the lowest marked prices with free shipping too!

Here’s two examples from clearance:


Pants = $1.39 after coupon code shipped free

Bodysuit = $1.46 after coupon code shipped free

These are just a few examples of the many sales you can nab right now.

Please be aware that Children’s Place sells out quickly when they do these rock bottom sales with free shipping, so selection is going to dwindle quickly. We have 5 kids from 2-10 years old.  

Please note: this is valid today Monday, March 3rd, 2014 only!

Here’s how to grab the deals online:

  • Head over to The Children’s Place site HERE.
  • Find your selections (we usually search by gender and age and then sort by low to high to find the best deals!)
  • Add items to your cart
  • At checkout, use coupon code: MONDAY3 to take 30% off your entire order and receive FREE shipping! 
  • Remember the additional ways to save listed above to stack your savings!

I am going on right now and grabbing some pants for my kids that are growing like weeds! 

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Alex & Cassie

5 Pairs of Baby Leggings Warmers Only $2.59 Each Shipped (70+ Styles to Pick From for Girls and Boys)

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by Cassie on February 24, 2014

Click HERE to get your FREE baby leg warmers with coupon code: “ENBABY”

Right now you can get 5 FREE pairs of baby leg warmers! These would even make a great gift. The Baby Leg Warmers are very popular!

You do need to pay shipping, which is $12.95.  So what that basically means is that each pair of baby leggings comes out to be $2.59 each pair shipped to your door!

So that is a really good price considering that they are $10 each pair plus shipping! They have over 70 styles to pick from and you get to pick 5 styles! What a fun frugal shopping spree :)


Here’s an example of 3 of the girls’ styles


Here’s samples of the boys’ styles

There are 70 different styles to pick from including girls, boys, holiday, themed and more!

Here’s how to get them:

  • Head to the Baby Leggings site HERE
  • Click on “Shop Now” and select any 5 baby leggings you like!
  • Once you have made your selection, you’ll automatically be directed to the shopping bag. Enter the promo code “ENBABY” and they will deduct 100% off the cost of your selected baby leggings
  • Just pay the shipping and handling fees of $12.95
  • Per their site: the promo code is “ENBABY” and you can use it more than once just open a new browser window each time you do and you can take advantage of this several times! 

This is only available for a short time and we do not know when the “limited time” is up, but it is available right now!

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Alex & Cassie

Free $15 to Spend at ThredUp Online Clothing Thrift Store for Kids and Women (Expires 2/28/14)

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by Cassie on February 14, 2014

It’s been a while since we have posted about this online thrift clothing store! But they have a special promotion for the next 2 weeks, instead of getting $10 to spend for free, you get $15!! 

We’ve mentioned ThredUp before on our site.  In fact, we also mentioned it as a tip to save that was featured in the July 2012 issue of ALL YOU magazine (pictured above)!

This a no-brainer kind of used clothing opportunity by not only allowing free membership, but they are giving you a FREE $15 to spend on their site for trying them out! This is FANTASTIC news, especially if you are a family of 7 with 5 little kids like us who go through clothing so quickly! This free $15 will make for some free clothing. You will need to pay shipping, which ranges from $2.99 on up.



Registration is easy and FREE. It is important that you verify your registration by checking your email immediately after and clicking on the link to verify your FREE membership and to get your free $15 credit to spend to and enjoy the freebies or really, really low clothing deals you can get!

We have shopped at ThredUp a total of 3 times, and we showed pictures of the first two times.  Each time, it has just been kids clothes, but they do sell women’s gently used clothing as well. Click on the links below if you would like to see what we got!

The prices were right, they were in EXCELLENT shape and exactly as described.  I have no complaints…which can be tough when you are buying used kids clothes.

As far as the prices go, I would say that the prices are obviously far below retail and comparable to higher end consignment or thrift stores.  I often spend time in cheap thrift stores and can rarely find nice children’s clothing as it is picked through and the very worn stuff is usually left.

Head to ThredUp HERE and register for a FREE $15 credit

*Important note, for some reason, the $15 credit does not show up until you have items in your cart and begin the checkout process – then it shows up.  Hopefully that helps to clear confusion!

The $15 credit ends February 28th, 2014 and is for first time ThredUp buyers.

Also, you can share your referral link with your friends via email, Facebook, etc. and you will both be rewarded with credits! Just click on the “My Account” tab and then click on share to send your friends a $10 credit and get some credit yourself for doing so!

Thanks reader Chelsea for the head’s up!


Alex & Cassie