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Great Deals on 100% Pure Essential Oils ($3.11 Per 10 ML Bottle) To Use In Our Cleaning Recipes and Other Uses

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by Cassie


All right friends, you know I am an essential oil user! I saw this price drop on Amazon and wanted to share it with you for the new year.  The new year often brings new goals and I started my natural/organic journey on a budget a few years ago and started with some basic essential oil kits for that aspect of natural living.

What I love about essential oils is that they actually are quite affordable if you think about the longevity of the oil and how far even one drop goes! It is one thrifty move we have made in our home that is also health boosting! I really can’t rave about them enough! Often, when you try to go the healthier route, it costs a lot more than the conventional way. But that is not the case in homemade cleaning products and natural odor/candle replacements.

I now use essential oils for many, many things.  But one thing that I rave about and have used them the most for are my homemade cleaning products! You may have seen our 26 Homemade Cleaners recipes that can all use essential oils to make them naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and therapeutic.

I am always on the lookout for a good deal on good quality pure essential oils! 

I have different quality and grades of oils depending on what I am using them for. For consumption and cooking, I use some pricey ones that are safe for internal consumption – these are not those oils. I would be happy to refer you to the essential oils I use for those purposes.

For other purposes, such as cleaning, aromatherapy, diffusing, etc. I don’t necessarily think spending a good chunk of money is necessary.  If you have the budget for it, go for it!

But if you are like most of us, you just want some good quality oils that are effective for cleaning and household use, then read on!

We have posted about the Essential Oils on Vitacost for a low price HERE.  These are consistently a super price and a wonderful way to go!

But, Amazon has had a price drop on essential oil kits that include many of the oils we recommend for cleaning. The others are still good for cleaning, diffusing and aromatherapy.

We thought it would be good to let you know about this great price drop on Amazon before it changes and shoots back up in price. These will save you loads of money over buying each on individually at $3-$7 each on the Vitacost site.

First, there is this sampler kit.  It contains six 10ml. bottles (standard size bottles that contains around 200 drops of oil – most of our recipes call for 5-7 drops of oil, so you can imagine how long they last).


The Lavender, Tea Tree and Peppermint from this sampler are my favorites from the top 7 for cleaning.  But the others are also great substitutes with many similar benefits.  I actually use orange oil in my dishwasher soap recipe.  This kit is on sale for $18.65 (normally $80) with free shipping with Amazon Prime or $35 or more order.  This comes out to be $3.11 each bottle of oil, which is a FANTASTIC price!  This kit also has nearly 5 out of 5 star reviews from 429 people!

Head to Amazon HERE for the above 6 Pack of Essential Oils on Sale




Also, there is a larger kit that has 14 10ml bottles.  If you have been wanting to get into oils for more than just cleaning, this is a nice way to go! They have them on sale for $39.90 (normally $90) and the shipping is $7.99 for $47.89 total, which is $3.42 each bottle.  This kit also has nearly 5 out of 5 star reviews from 215 people!

Head to Amazon HERE for the above 14 Pack of Essential Oils on Sale



Finally, as a natural, healthy and even health boosting way to make your home smell nice and provide therapeutic benefits for your whole family, consider a way to diffuse the oils! I do have diffusers, but I have also wanted one of these oil warmers (and I don’t have one).

This one dropped in price to $9.80 with free shipping for everyone, no minimum.  These come in 4 colors.  I have seen these a number of times and they run in the $20-$30 range (the original price of $595 is a total typo – LOL!) Again, these have great reviews at nearly 5 stars.  So this might be a good oil warmer option and fill your home with health boosting and healing scents!

Head to Amazon HERE for the above Essential Oil Warmers on sale

We have posted these today with these prices, but they can change at any time too!

Be sure to see the 26 Homemade Cleaners recipes posts as well as the 7 best essential oils for cleaning. 

If you are looking for a FREE Amazon Prime membership, see our previous post HERE.

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Alex & Cassie

Scotch Thermal Laminator For Home Projects, Education, Picture Preservation and More for ONLY $19.99 Shipped (Normally $80)

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by Cassie

Wowee! This is the one of the lowest prices we have seen on this item in over 3-years!  We bought one when it was around $20 three years ago and they rarely go on sale for that low price!

With that, Amazon is selling the above Scotch Thermal Laminator for $19.99 right now and they normally sell for $80.49, so this is 75% off! And it ships FREE with Amazon Prime or with a $35 or more purchase right now.

This looks like it is great to have on hand for those that have a home office, homeschoolers, home projects, picture preservation and more!

We purchased this over a 3-years ago and it is perfect for our homeschooling, scrapbooking, projects and even for our money saving and coupon classes that we teach! It has been very reliable and very useful! I didn’t realize just how practical having this at home is!  I LOVE it and it saves me loads of money.

Head to Amazon HERE for the Scotch Thermal Laminator deal today!

And if you need the laminating sheets, they are over 40% off – get 100 of them for only $14.50 HERE.  That’s a good deal too!

If you are looking for a FREE Amazon Prime membership, see our previous post HERE.

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Alex & Cassie

Sam’s Club: Holiday Open House December 6-8 (Everyone Welcome and No Up-Charge)

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by Cassie

sams club logo

Sam’s Club is having an open house starting today, December 6th – 8th where anyone and everyone can shop with no up-charge (you will need to provide your email address at checkout if you are a non-member), just as if they are members.  This is a great time to check out whether or not a membership would be worth it, or a great time to compare prices on big ticket items that you have considered and budgeted for.  Sam’s Club this weekend might be the time to get it.

In addition, each guest will be able to sample a variety of food and receive a free 21-page Sam’s Club Holiday Party Planning Guide full of sample menus, recipes, and shopping lists. Please see the site for details.

Please share your thoughts on whether or not you think a warehouse/club membership is worth the value and your experience!

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Alex & Cassie

Office Max Online: .01 Backpacks and Other .01 Deals Shipped Free Through 8/3/13 Or Until Sold Out

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by Cassie

Office Max is offering some VERY NICE .01 Deals this week or until they are gone online only through the Max Perks Rewards program. You can grab backpacks, messenger bags, and briefcases for .01 after getting back nearly 100% in Max Perks Rewards.  We have done this sale at this week every year for the past few years! It is one of the best ones!


You will pay for the items out of your pocket now, and then you will see all but .01 go back onto your Max Perks Rewards card to use at Office Max in the future! These rewards can be used to purchase anything in the store (except gift cards). You can get up to 2 backpacks for .01 each!

Although they have been doing this for a few years, the limit in past years was backpacks up to $100 in retail cost.  This year, they have much more limited selections and only up to $40 backpack for .01.


Here’s the picture of the Swiss Gear laptop backpacks that we got 3-years ago on this deal!

We did this three years ago and this is our favorite deal of the year as it is such a great value.  We got $100 laptop backpacks for free and they are now 3-years old and they are still VERY nice quality and they still look nearly new besides a few scuff marks.  Because they were $100, you could imagine the quality.  We get compliments all of the time in public for our nice laptop backpacks as they are Swiss Gear backpacks.  We loved telling people the price we paid :) They were floored!

Again, unfortunately, this year is only certain backpacks with a max value of $40 are available on this deal, but we may see some more of these type deals through Office Max at other times this back-to-school season!

In addition, they have these following .01 and FREE deals to add to your order this week:



But even better – you can make a little money cashing in on this FREE deal by shopping through Ebates for 3% back.  In addition, if you are new to Ebates, you will also receive a FREE $10 gift card to Target, Home Depot or Barnes and Noble (don’t you love how this deal just keeps getting better and better?).

Here’s how to get this deal:

  • Head to Ebates HERE and log-in or register.  If you are a new registered user, you will also be able to select your choice of $10 gift card (see the picture for an example)



  • Click on the Shop Now button and then you will be taken to the Office  Max site.
  • Once on the Office Max site, watch for the ad to flash about the .01 backpacks and click on it!
  • Add the bag and any other .01 deals to your cart that you would like and make your purchase.
  • You will also receive FREE shipping if you have at least $50 in your cart
  • Then you will receive all by .01 for each item of your purchase back (before tax) onto your Max Perks card to use at Office Max.  When we receive our Office Max rewards, we use them to purchase ink when we receive them and we rarely need to pay for ink.
  • In the end, after considering the 3% cash back and the FREE $10 gift card you will receive – it is like making a total of around $13 for a nice quality bag delivered to your door! Deals can’t get much better than that!!

This deal is valid 7/28 – 8/3, or while supplies last – and they are selling out!

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Alex & Cassie

Free Budgeting Kit

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by Cassie

We saw that LearnVest has a free budgeting kit for you right now!  Here’s what we saw:

Get a budget you can actually stick to! One size does NOT fit all – especially when it comes to your money. LearnVest makes it easy to get your financial life in control and organized for free.

Our budgeting kit allows you to take advantage of free online tools & advice from a LearnVest Planning expert to create a personalized budget.

This is a nice freebie to take advantage of!

Head to the LearnVest site HERE for your FREE budgeting kit!

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