Summer Money Making Idea with a 500% Profit Margin Possiblity

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We have shared this idea each summer for the past few summers… why? Because it is easy, popular, successful, fun and productive.

It is a quick way to earn some extra money and a fun and enjoyable endeavor for the whole family.

As a kid we did things like this growing up! My parents were always helping to find ways that my siblings and I could earn money with our passion for entrepreneurship! It’s a great thing to encourage and to grow in your children and to help them understand the value and rewards of work.

We also have done many things to earn extra income as we worked our way out of debt and as we continue to reach our other financial goals now – this being one of them.

We have shared this idea as it has been one of the more successful endeavors that we have engaged in. And this year, our older three children are begging to do this to earn extra money this summer and so we will be diving in again this year!

What is it? Well, it is an idea to capitalize on the summer months of celebrations, park gatherings, parades, city sponsored park events and more. It is an idea to invest $100 and make $600 profit! The profit comes from selling cold bottled water, treats and novelties.

That is a HUGE profit margin! Many in business can only dream about that type of outcome.

You will get out of it what you put into it, but this opportunity has been one of the most profitable for least amount of effort.

We have outlined the steps, product ideas and investment approximation in our previous post HERE titled Invest $100 and Make a $600 Profit This Summer.

You do need to follow city ordinances as far as this idea goes.  City ordinances will vary greatly! We actually will be working with four cities as all four are very close to us.  Each one has different rules and small fees.  The fees we will be will be $25 – $75 depending on what events we choose to be a part of.  We are still deciding on which 4th of July events to be a part of, but we will probably be walking in a parade and selling water/popsicles as the parade walking fee is the smallest fee, although the other events are for a couple of days all day… so we are going to determine what level of commitment our kids can do for the first year (again…despite what their eager attitudes want…we think a parade is a good start for them ;))

We also plan to have booths at various events this summer, some are very low cost and others are free.  At these booths, we will also sell the water/treats that we plan to sell at parades and park events along with some homemade crafts and activities that our kids have been making.  So we will get double traction at the booths from this idea shared.

The city fees are not included in the investment, but many have very small to no fee depending on the event.

Our kids are looking forward to a summer of fun and working as they too work towards their financial goals.

Again, check out the post HERE titled Invest $100 and Make a $600 Profit This Summer.

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