How to Make the Perfect Blackened Salmon The First Time

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I want to share one of the most awesome cooking experiences I have had with you! I am not getting paid or endorsed to talk about this in any way, we post things that we do and sometimes there happens to be tools that we actually really like and want to talk about.

But before I do, I want to first share how to get the best deal on salmon in the first place – just check out this post on How To Secure a Crazy Price for wild caught Alaskan Salmon. 

And the tool I am sharing is actually currently 15 years old as we got it as a wedding gift 15 years ago.  We use this tool all of the time, that we have talked about investing in a “family” size one, but I still use the 2 person/individual one for our family and it still works fine.

So what is it? Well, you may have guessed by now – a George Foreman Indoor Grill.

I use it a lot to make quesadillas, hot dogs (only real beef, nitrate free as I have issues with hotdogs otherwise), grilled cheese sandwiches… etc. Those are the common things….but a while ago, I shared how I cook bacon now on a George Foreman Grill.

Well, we get salmon on occasion with a really good sale, but it still only means that we only eat it a few times per year.  Even with a sale, it can be expensive. That means, when I cook it, I want to get it RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!

I can’t afford make make a mess-up.  The few times I have cooked it, it has been in a butter lemon sauce in the oven in a pan, which still hasn’t been great, but decent.

Well, I was preparing to cook it, when the thought of my George Foreman Grill popped in my mind.  I didn’t have a recipe book, I didn’t have the original book that came with the grill (it’s been 15 years and a few moves), but I thought I would just take a stab in the dark.

Well, I have now done this a few times and it is very hard to mess-up, meaning you can get perfect Blackened Salmon every time!


Here’s how to get Perfect Blackened Salmon everytime!


  • Plug your George Foreman Grill in so that it will warm up for about 10 minutes.
  • Then “dry rub” your Salmon on one side – wait on the other side for just a minute.  Don’t add any oils, butters or other ingredients.  Just your dry rub.  We used a Cajun Seasoning because there are not many things that are better on this earth than Cajun Blackened Salmon. However, a few of our kids can’t handle the “spicy” so for their pieces, we just use garlic salt and lemon pepper = perfection for the non-spicy palette. 


  • Then place on the grill with the spiced side down.
  • While it is on the grill, before you close it, spice the other side with the dry rub.


  • Then close it and cook for 5-8 minutes.


This is about half way through

  • It will cook perfectly, make nice black grill marks and make a Perfect Blackened Salmon the first time.


  • I remove it off the grill with tongs to keep it all together as I place it on the plate.  It is so perfectly cooked that it will flake apart easily!


  • YUMMY….. can you smell that?  It is the smell of perfected Salmon with little evidence and sweat!  – ENJOY!


What else do you cook on the George Foreman Grill?

Now we think that a George Foreman Grill is worth the cost because it has saved us time and money (I totally stink at cooking bacon and this saved the bacon too!) and is so convenient!  I don’t use it as much as my rice cooker or my crockpot, but I do use it often.


This is the one we have and use for our family (of 7, although I have to cook everything in batches, but it is still only a few minutes) is only $16.88 on Amazon HERE and free shipping with Amazon Prime or a $25 or more order.

In addition, Amazon has the best, consistent prices around, so if you are looking for something bigger or a different type of George Foreman Grill, you can see all the sale prices on George Foreman Grills Amazon here.

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  1. Dev Fox says

    My grill is not a Foreman, but I do grill steak, dogs, burgers, grilled cheese and sausages on it all the time. Veggies too. Never tried salmon (yet). I tried bacon, but the grease overflowed the cup. :( Thanks for all the great ideas.


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