How to Get That Cheap Flight (Infographic)

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We have shared our tips and tricks for how to get a cheap price on airline tickets HERE. But we were also sent this infographic to share as it really breaks down finding cheaper flights fast!


What tips do you have for saving on airfare?

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    Because our product brokerage firm refers more customers to Travelocity than any other source, Travelocity gives special lower fares through our free Web portal
    Our portal also gives unlimited cash back of 2-50% on products ordered from 4000+ stores you likely shop from online already. Always free, we never sell your information, and you deal directly with the store so you can use your special coupon codes, points, rewards cards in combination with cash back.
    And, our firm bought the company who set up Amazon’s comparison shopping site, so ours is more robust and compares 50 million products versus their 12 million. I save about $2000./year through smarter shopping on another $300. or so in cash back each year. Love, love, love it!

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    Here is my tip:
    FLYR revolutionizes flight booking with a simple premise: never overpay and escape change fees. With FLYR, you simply search and select your flights. For a small fee, we protect you against rising airfare for seven days. We find better deals and you can switch or cancel without any penalty. You can get early access at
    Today FLYR launched a Web Application that enables travelers to make a decision when buying their airline ticket. Book or Look? Enter your flight number and departure date, and FLYR will tell you whether to book or keep looking for better fares.
    This is the first flight level airfare and availability prediction tool ever designed. Unlike other price trend tools, FLYR’s Book or Look predicts 3 key metrics (fare increases, sellout risk and better deals) for individual flights -not just fare trends for a bucket of flights on a given departure date.
    We recommend you start your journey with FLYR by letting us guide you throughout your search process for airline tickets. Simply go to during any decision point as you search for the best airfare possible, and we will help you decide whether to book a flight or should keep looking for a better one.

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    Hey this is an really informative infographic post. Loved it a lot. Got to know many new techniques to actually get a cheap flight ticket. Thank you for sharing this. Great work


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