12 Great Gardening Ideas: Unique, Thrifty and Repurposed

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We are continuing to share many gardening ideas with you to help you have the best, most affordable, most bountiful gardens you can with the resources that you have.  Not one garden looks the same, works the same and has the same results.

We personally love to grow our food.  But we do not have green thumbs! We have better results each year with more experience and trying different things to find what works best with our space, soil, weather, environment and resources.  That’s why having lots of great ideas helps you to figure out the best ways to make the most of your gardens!

So this post will give you 12 ideas that much of which is not your standard ol’ garden tips to help you determine the best ways to grow your food!


DIY How to make seedling starting pots from newspaper with instructional video @The Thrifty Couple 


Make party streamer seed tape to plant for better planting results tip @Mad in Crafts


Grow lettuce in a reusable shopping bag (perfect for small spaces and container gardening). Also, you cut it to eat it and keep it growing and it will keep regrowing! This could probably be done year round!  Instruction and tip @About Container Gardening


Reduce weeds and water less with mulch. Ideas and make your own with tips @ Creative Green Living


How to divide plants for multiple plantings tip @ Chicken Scratch NY


How to make a DIY water system from glass bottles @Mad in Crafts


How to start an Asparagus garden bed @ Andrea’s Recipes


How to make a Salad Garden tips @ Confessions of an Over-Worked Mom


Unique container gardening repurposing – like a juice box garden tip @About Container Gardening


How to start a worm farm tip @ Andrea’s Recipes


How to use Ladybugs for pest management tip @ Creative Green Living


Easy planting guide for growing Shrubs and Perennials tip @An Oregon Cottage

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  1. zally says

    lovely ideas! It would be nice if the links all took you directly to the projects. In some cases, it just takes you to the owners page and they are difficult to sort through. I gave up looking for one of the ideas that appealed to me as I don’t have time to sort through everything.

      • Traci Campbell says

        Every time I click on the one where you grow the lettuce out of the bag, a Kelly blue book link pops up and a page to make your own website pops up at the bottom.


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