Be Intentional Baby Step 17 – Brainstorm Extra Money Making Ideas (With Free Download Helper)

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As a reminder, the 30 Be Intentional baby steps are designed to get you on the right foot, the right track and give you energy, efficiency and organization which will propel you into a life that is able to develop an overall financially smart, happy and frugal home.  

We have one more baby step under the budget category of our Be Intentional Baby Steps to help you get those 5 areas on track! We are continuing on with generating extra income in your household this year to help you meet  your  financial goals – whether to be debt-free, pay for college, fund retirement…anything, and that brings us to the next challenge!

Baby Step #17

Brainstorm Extra Money Making Ideas This Year

We encourage you to be sure to take Be Intentional Baby Step #16 HERE first before this one to know what goals you are shooting for this year.  Once you have done that, then let’s talk about some ideas!

We have shared MANY, many ideas and talk about them continuously.  Instead of going through many of our ideas again, we will post links to those ideas with over 130 ideas and counting! And as always, we will continue to talk about ideas as we find them!

As some ideas that we have done in the past and currently to bring in extra income:

  • Delivering Newspapers (this was the first extra income job we had and we made around $400 a month.  It was hard work and we only did it for about 4 months because getting up everyday at 4 am was tough – BUT it was a HUGE blessing to get the ball rolling and a great one for kids too!)
  • Upselling items we bought used (usually a 200% profit each item)
  • Selling on Ebay/Craig’s List (about a 50+% profit)
  • Blogging (income in blogging doesn’t start for about 6 months, but it can bring in a few hundred a month with consistent posting)
  • Delivering Phonebooks (We’ve made a couple thousand each 4-week round – but our guest posters made $7,000 in a few weeks!)
  • Donating Blood (you can make $25-30 each time!)
  • Surveys from home a few minutes per day (about $15 – $30 a month from each company)
  • Helping someone with whatever they need help with (babysitting, cleaning, weeding, snow removal, etc. and we’ve made about $10 -$20 an hour doing this)
  • Swagbucks
  • Amazon Trade-In program (selling back not only items in our home, but using our smart phones and scanning items at garage sales/thrift stores to find valuable items and then buying them cheap and selling.  We typically will buy items for $1 and have sold them for $20 profit each!)
  • Selling hand made items at craft shows.
  • Using skills we currently have (Alex is a Software Eng. by trade and so he sells his services on the side for an hourly fee for those that need 1-hour of work to those that have a lot more work needed).

This is a subject that has lots of ideas and innumerable ways to earn extra income. We just want to encourage you to get started with generating ideas that can lead into some fabulous money making opportunities for your family!

Just print off this Brainstorming Download and start planning! This is a very basic planner and not meant to be comprehensive, but it will be enough to make a plan!

This is also a fantastic learning, growth and responsibility task for children and teens!

<== Download your printable Brainstorm Extra Income Ideas Plan HERE

One final thing….. we also have a Facebook Group where you can engage in discussions, receive encouragement and talk to others that are participating in the challenges too for more ideas! Head to the Be Intentional with The Thrifty Couple Facebook Page HERE and ask to join us there! You can also invite friends and spouses too!


  1. Katie Zimba says

    I cleaned out the closets and storage. I had so much stuff to get rid of I had an indoor garage sale in my basement. People come over by appointment basically.I have made $538 in 3 days. Facebook has communities of your own city and the one I’m a member of is Champlin Area Garage sale.

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