Free New 2014 Disney Vacation Planning DVD and Lots More Disney Travel Tips

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Grab a New Disney Vacation Planning DVD that covers all types of Disney Vacation and Destinations for 2014! We request one each year, although we’ve only been to Disneyland before.

Our kids like getting a new one each year too as it helps with any potential planning, but our kids are very entertained by the free DVD and kit too :)

In addition, there are some great tips – we do and have gone to Disneyland before and have a great many “thrifty” tips to share (some of links are below!).

So, whether you are planning a Disney trip or want a video with some free entertainment for the kiddos, then here’s your chance!

To Get Your FREE DVD and Vacation Kit: Just click on the picture above and you will be taken right to it! 

Anyway, not only is it enjoyable to watch, but they come with information and special offers.

Check it out and then head over to our Travel series for some ideas on how to get great hotel deals or how to get great condo deals to be able to really maximize your savings.

Finally, here’s tips from our last trip to Disneyland a couple of years ago:

To catch up on more of our vacation savings:

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