Tummy Slimming and Belly Fat Burning Smoothie Recipe and Tips To Make It for Less

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We have shared our tips for building fruit and veggie smoothies – which is a fantastic way to get the good foods the whole family needs, use up all of your produce and enjoy a healthier life.

We’ve also shared tips on how to get all of those things needed for less, but this post is about one specific recipe that we found and love.

This specific one was actually spotted in a Woman’s Day magazine. They talked about how this smoothie slims your waistline and blasts belly fat.

This is not the first, or the second or even the third time that we have heard about the belly blasting results of these ingredients even on their own!

So it is made of 3 very simple ingredients, which are all very easy to find and we will share tips on how to get them for less!

Here’s the ingredients and why they are used:


  • Yogurt – according to their dietician in the article “yogurt is rich in calcium, which targets belly fat.”  It has been shown and proven that yogurt diets whittle the middle quicker than most foods!
  • Blueberries – these have proven to melt fat and increase insulin resistance – and insulin is the thing that tells you body to store belly fat, so we want a different stream of communication with that insulin!
  • Chia Seeds – we’ve talked about these awesome little seeds before and shown ideas to get them for less.  Well, according to this article “chia seeds are rich in Omega-3 fats, which decrease the stress hormones that pack pounds to your midsection.”

Well, I don’t know about you…. but my midsection is my trouble spot! Sure, 5 kids in 7 years all by necessary c-section will cause a problem! So I am always on the lookout for ways to shrink my middle!

And since I have heard about these ingredients over, and over, and over again for shrinking the middle, I happen to have everything on hand and ready to blast my belly fat :)

Plus it takes literally less than 5 minutes to whip up this breakfast!

Here’s how to make it:

  • 1 Cup of Plain or Vanilla Greek Yogurt (other yogurts work too, but Greek is best!)
  • 1 Cup of blueberries (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 TBSP of Chia Seeds
  • Throw it all in a blender and blend until it reaches your desired consistency.
  • You can also add milk, ice, honey or other alternative sweetener to the mix to make it taste like you want

I personally find that vanilla yogurt is just enough “sweet” that I don’t need to add anything extra.

So here’s some tips for getting the ingredients for less:

  1. First, you can get  yogurt of all types quite inexpensively from the grocery store by combining the sales with coupons.  When one of these sales hits, use coupons if you can, and then STOCK-UP! Yogurt freezes well, and I actually prefer frozen yogurt to throw in my smoothies anyway as it makes it colder without needing to add ice.  Also, watch of yogurt mark-downs and stock up! As you can see in our picture, we got some great deals on mark-downs and they freeze just as nicely! Finally, if you can’t find mark-downs or sales with coupons – the next best place is Costco (and probably Sam’s Club, but we haven’t checked there personally) as Costco has some good yogurt prices on bigger tubs!
  2. For the blueberries – first, we are heading into the heart of blueberry and other berry season! This is a perfect time to stock-up and freeze your own blueberries so that you have them all year, but buy the for the “in-season” price! We actually watch of Whole Foods to have their blueberry sale and then we call them and order a few cases at this “on-day only” sale price.  Also, even just this week, I showed how I bought, 12 containers of blueberries for $17.50, which is a really, really good price where we live. Blueberries are very easy to freeze, just throw them in a ziploc unwashed and then freeze them.  By doing it this way, they will not stick together and you can freeze a whole bunch in a gallon size bag (as you can see from our picture) and just take out what you need.  Just then wash them before you use them! You can also get great prices on frozen blueberries at Costco and Sam’s Club – even frozen blueberries are cheaper than fresh in the grocery store – so that will yield a little bit of savings easily everyday.  Finally, grow your own! I am actually planning to do this this year. I have been discouraged from local garden shops to plant a blueberry bush in our garden as it will not be very fruitful as our soil is alkaline and they need acidic soil, which is very difficult to maintain.  BUT… I found a way that I am going to try – container blueberries! I found a site that sells them in a container kit and they grow and stay this way so that if you don’t have the right soil, you can still grow them! I can’t give testimony to it yet as it is literally on it’s way to me now, but I am hopeful :)  You can also see our post on 30 Ways to Save Money on Produce” for even more ideas!
  3. Finally, Chia Seeds! This is the most expensive ingredient, however, one bag lasts FOREVER! We did this post a couple of years ago about the best places to get them after Dr. Oz recommended them for your brain health.  Most of those deals are not longer applicable. So,  best place to get them right now is either Vitacost (use this link HERE for a FREE $10 off coupon with orders of $30 or more for even greater savings!) or Amazon with the sale options HERE. 

With these money saving tips, you can easily stock-up on the three needed ingredients and have enough supply to make them for many months! Wahoo!


Tummy Slimming and Belly Fat Blasting Smoothie
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Recipe type: Breakfast or Side
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: 1
Here's the secret to a belly blasting recipe and visit this link: to get tips on how to get ingredients for less!
  • 1 Cup of Plain or Vanilla Greek Yogurt (other yogurts work too, but Greek is best!)
  • 1 Cup of blueberries (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 TBSP of Chia Seeds
  1. Throw it all in a blender and blend until it reaches your desired consistency.
  2. You can also add milk, ice, honey or other alternative sweetener to the mix to make it taste like you want
  3. I personally find that vanilla yogurt is just enough "sweet" that I don't need to add anything extra.
The original recipe with pictures can be found at thethriftycouple.com.

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  1. Karen Bates says

    Another way to freeze blueberries is to wash them and spread them out on a sheet tray. Once they are frozen you can put them in a ziplock bag. Of course if you have a large enough freezer. I also slice strawberries and freeze them this way. It make blending them much easier when they are sliced.

  2. Celia Winters says

    Would like you to address smoothies that DO NOT use yogurt. A kidney guru will tell you that yogurt is NOT GOOD for kidney issues including kidney stones – yes I have been there and done that plus a couple other kidney issues. Thanks!

    • Terri H says

      Also a Kidney stone guru…however ALL my specialists and health providers still follow this same principal for foods to avoid and yogurt was NOT one of them:
      Avoid stone-forming foods: Beets, chocolate, spinach, rhubarb, tea, and most nuts are rich in oxalate, and colas are rich in phosphate, both of which can contribute to kidney stones. If you suffer from stones, your doctor may advise you to avoid these foods or to consume them in smaller amounts.

      For everyone else, particular foods and drinks are unlikely to trigger kidney stones unless consumed in extremely high amounts

  3. Heather says

    Blueberries actually DECREASE insulin resistance, or, to put it another way, they increase insulin sensitivity (which is a good thing–our bodies are naturally sensitive to insulin, as they should be). Insulin resistance leads to diabetes, not weight loss. Thus, blueberries can help you avoid diabetes. And, while insulin does play a role in the storage of fat, its much more important job is to keep blood glucose levels balanced–in short, it keeps us alive. So, to reiterate: 1) Let’s not make “increase insulin resistance” sound like a good thing, because it’s not; and 2) Let’s not give blueberries a bad reputation, because they actually decrease insulin resistance.


  4. Vera says

    I have heard women (that includes me) that have had C-sections cannot lose that middle or have flat stomachs due to the C-section. I have lost some pounds and still working on it. I have not gotten down to my pre-pregnancy weight yet. That is my goal. It has been 21 years. But I am trying. Your thoughts? Thanks Vera

  5. Linda says

    I hate to burst anyone’s bubble but there is no such thing as spot-dieting. You cannot target one part of your body for weight loss. Losing weight is simple math: calories in, calories out. If you take in fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight. One cup of Greek yogurt can be 120-200 calories per cup,depending on whether it’s non-fat or plain vs. vanilla, plus about 75 calories each for the blueberries and seeds, so this drink is 270-350-calories. Not too bad if this is all you have for breakfast or lunch, but it’s not really a low-cal drink.
    However, there are other nutritional benefits to the foods listed here, as others have already pointed out. It’s healthy, but it’s not going to help you lose belly fat on its own.
    P.S. I drink smoothies like this and they are yummy!

  6. aryn says

    I’m eating this right now!!! I used frozen berries with vanilla greek yogurt and OH MY GOODNESS SWEET DELICIOUSNESS!!! :-) Thank you soooo much for sharing this recipe!


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