Applegate Farms Natural and Organic Meats Coupon and Organic Produce Coupon

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There are some really special coupon treats today! These are our favorite types of coupons because with our new healthier, simple and more natural lifestyle, we find that we don’t use many coupons nowadays! But we always use the Earthbound Farms produce coupons whether to get cheap fresh or frozen produce or even nearly free organic carrots to ferment for healthier eating too! Another product that would be a luxury to have and that we have only bought twice in the past couple of years are the deli meats from Applegate farms.  I have mentioned many, many times how we don’t eat hot dogs, lunch meat, bacon and many other foods that contain fillers and sodium nitrates.  One cheaper version of nitrate-free deli meats is from Hormel and I recently bought the nitrate free bacon for less and how I was able to cook it flawlessly!

Well, with that lengthy introduction…. you can print a rare Applegate Farms coupon for any Applegate Farms meat product.  We haven’t bought the hot dogs before, but we have bought the lunch meat.  There is a rare coupon for .75 off and you will want to head on over to the Earthbound Site HERE and register or log-in to get this coupon from today.  Now this is a nice opportunity to save, but keep in mind that they are still $5- $6 per package, so even with a coupon, it is a rare buy for us :) We just learn to live without lunch meats and hot dogs and if we get the chance to buy the healthier ones, then it is a treat!

While you are there, you can also print a coupon for .75 of any Earthbound Farms organic produce too! Just look for this picture after you log-in!

Head to the Earthbound site HERE for these 2 great coupons!

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