Our Weekly Plan and Menu for 3/4/13 Week and The Sweet Event Later This Week

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Time to share this week’s CRAZY plan! It is a very exciting week….you see, bright and early on Thursday morning, before the sun rises, Alex and I will be on our way for our 4-day vacation that we have been waiting and saving for for a while now and it is finally here! We are so excited.  You can read more about our little vacation on our “NYC here we come post!”

We will be taking a real vacation from everything, including our site here – but don’t you worry, we have a very special event going on our site here while we are gone that will keep you coming back everyday – so watch for that to come on Wednesday!

First, before I share our weekly plan and our menu, you can read about each of these on these links as we encourage you to do the same to save time, money and sanity:

So here’s the plan that is written out so far, but I keep thinking of things that need to be done.  Our kids will be here with their grandma and grandpa and my sister and her husband.  They are taking turns back and forth to hang out with our kids for 4 days of play! So they will be having fun too! But I am trying to make it very easy on them with the food, clothes and routine so that they can focus on playing and so I have done quite a bit, but last week was a terrible week. I hardly did anything all week, but I actually managed to complete my list on Saturday!

Well, with that introduction, here’s my plan this week and I have to finish it by end of the day on Wednesday! I have already completed quite a few of these today!

T – stands for Thrifty – what are my thrifty goals for the week?

  • Refill Handsoaps with homemade, natural antibacterial mix
  • Re-label homemade natural cleaning products and essential oil blends (so grandma and grandpa can clearly read them – I know what they are, but they don’t :)
  • Refill and make more essential oil blends
  • Print menu and clear shelves and label foods for kids’ meal plan while gone
  • Harvest bulbs from Tulip plant

H – stands for Home – what are some things I/we need to do around and for our home?

  • Clean out Van
  • Clean out Junk Drawer
  • Take Rugs to Laundromat
  • Finish laundry and lay out clothing for kids
  • Deep clean washing machine…… this was after the kids did this……..I cleaned out my fridge on Saturday and this was my view from my kitchen window.  The whole 2-hours while I deep cleaned my fridge! I protested at first, but Alex said to let them because they are kids….well it was bad and he did feel responsible and did most of the clean-up.  But my washer was bad after.  It is a good excuse to deep clean it! But I am very proud to say that with my laundry detergent, oxygen bleach (natural color-safe bleach alternative) and vinegar and a good soak and then wash – these clothes looks like they never had a spot of dirt on them! Btw, that is my beautiful huge garden spot.  I am very excited to get a good garden going this year!

R – stands for Relationships – a place where I write down who I need to call, send a note to or remember a birthday/event.

  • Put together activity buckets
  • Write out plans for family
  • Replace Epipens For Kat.

I – stands for Involvement – this is the part of my planner that allows me and my family to be involved in our community and church in small ways each week.

  • Gather more cleaners and pack up to donate to the church

F – stands for Finances – What financial tasks do we need to complete this week: (also as we continue to find our 2% cuts each month!)

  • Deposit check from HSA reimbursement

T – stands for To-Do’s– misc. things I need to do this week!

  • Book I.F. Hotel
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Pack for NYC
  • Buy Cheap Camera for NYC (not taking our family camera)
  • Cut Boys’ hair
  • Un-clog bathroom sink
  • Wash Coats
  • Return organic mayo to store
  • Return covers to Walmart
  • Use Coconuts before we leave

Y – stands for You – what are some things that I can do for yourself to de-stress and relax for all of the hard work you do!

  • Get bangs trimmed
  • Call NYC tours to ask my questions (this would be a To-Do, but it is also for me to enjoy my vacation ;))

Plus I have my developing shopping list and other tasks list on the right for those extras.

Here’s our planned dinner menu for the week!  But we have yet to fully stick to it one time this week – it is a bad week I guess!

Monday – Homemade Beef Stew with leftover roast and veggies

Tuesday – Chinese Chicken Salad (this is sooooo awesome and yummy!)

Wednesday – Family Meal Out before Alex and I take off the next morning

Thursday – Kids and grandparents: Frozen Lasagna, veggies, fruits and salad

Friday – Kids and grandparents: Pizza Night – leaving $15 for 3 $5 pizzas with chips and fruits already on hand

Saturday – Kids and grandparents: Taco Night

Sunday – Kids and grandparents: Spaghetti Night

Those four days, Alex and I are going to enjoy the tastes of NYC – if you have suggestions on what we should try to eat while we are there, leave your comments on this post! We have appreciated all of the suggestions so far!

And… no matter whether you make a menu or not, don’t forget about “dinner by 10.”

If you would like to print your own THRIFTY weekly planner, you can do so below. Alex designed it to where it requires very little ink and in fact you can print it in fast draft/grayscale to use even less ink.  But either one uses miniscule amount of ink!

Please note, if you are reading this email in our rss feed or our email newsletter, you may have to click to the post HERE to print this download. 

<== Download your printable Weekly Thrifty Planner HERE

Please share in the comments below what your menu and plan is for the week!

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