2013 Entertainment Books As Low As $9.44 Each Shipped (Receive Thousands of 50% off Coupons)

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It is time for a great deal on the 2013 Entertainment Book and it is early enough in the year that you will get massive savings in return to pay for the Entertainment Book over and over again before they coupons expire in November of 2013.  This is a constant and easy way for us to save 50% off on eating out, entertainment, activities, outings, services (auto, salon and more) etc. all in our local area!

This year, we have already used quite a few of our coupons already this year – it essentially stretches out of $20K budget even further to enjoy even more for the same amount of money.

And, even though we get one each year, we also wait for a great sale like this to buy a second one for ourselves so that we have double coupons. We will visit a local restaurant/business more than once in a year :)

So…the good news is that the Entertainment Books are only $17.50 after the 50% discount (some large metropolises are $22.50).  At this price, we do recommend that you grab at least two – either two for yourself/your own family or one for you and one to give away to someone. WE recommend this not only for the great deal, but because you can actually get them even much less than $17.50 when you buy two – in fact, they end up being as low as $9.44 with free shipping.

Before we share the deal you can get, we wanted to share a few more details about this book (in case you don’t know about it) is that it allows you or your gift receiver to eat out, be entertained, grocery discounts, museums, outing and so many more things in your local area for 50% off.  There are literally thousands of 50% off coupons in the Entertainment Book!

The coupons all expire November 1, 2013, so you will also have the next 8 months to use the coupons. And to us there is no question about the value of the book especially early on as you get more value the longer you have it!  The hundreds of coupons available to you will usually make up the price of the $35 book in one transaction – but you will only have to pay $16.61 and the shipping is FREE too!

This book is HUGE and thick has hundreds of coupons in it for 50% off or Buy One Get One FREE coupons for the businesses in your local area!

We’ve shared this example many times before, but it is a good one to illustrate the value of this book. Our local Kroger affiliate (Smiths) shows the $5 off coupon – on top of all your other discounts and coupons!  What this means is that in using 2-3 coupons between now and November 2013, you can make up the $35 cost of the book and have the rest of the hundreds of coupons to literally be savings throughout the year!   And their image on the top of the page highlights the “$5 off groceries” which just tells us this is available in many, if not all of their books!

Here’s an example from this year’s book! There were 4 of these in the book, one for each quarter of the year.

Plus, not only does the book provide awesome coupons to help you save off a purchase you’re already making, but they also offer great FREEBIES even without purchase!  Notice just a few of the great freebies below, on national brands as well, that don’t require a purchase.  If you’re out and about, this can be a nice way to either get a FREE snack or  help compliment a small snack or meal!

These are examples of just a few of the hundreds of coupons found each year in these books!

So here’s the deal that you can get if you buy two!

First, you can save another 17.5% on this deal by taking one extra step!

We would recommend doing this one as it means your cash back on your Entertainment Book purchase through Ebates.  This is $3.06 per book back or $6.13 total cash back on two books!

And you if you are a registered new member, you can also pick a $10 Target, Macy’s, Walmart or Kohls gift card when you buy two or more (which that $10 gift card can also make for a nice gift too! So if you got two books, you will get them for $17.56 each AND a $10 gift card, which is like making them $9.44 each!!

So here’s how to get this deal

  • Head to the Ebates site HERE and register and select which retailer you would like your FREE $10 gift card from (Target, Kohls, Macy’s or Walmart)

  • Once you have done this, search for Entertainment.com in the search box
  • Click through the link that looks like the image below:

  • Click on the “shop now” button to be taken to the Entertainment Site
  • By doing this extra step – you will get your 17.5% cash back rebate applied to your Ebates account (which will be $3.06 for the one book or $6.13 total if you buy two books) plus your $10 gift card that you chose will be mailed to you in a few days after your purchase If you buy two books (as a minimum purchase of $25 needs to be made to get the $10 gift card). Please note cash back rebates apply directly to your Ebates balance and are either sent by check or PayPal every three months.

Once on the Entertainment Book site

    • Enter your zip code or city to find your book
    • Click on “Buy the Book” and go through the checkout process where the $20.13 price will be automatically applied.
    • Add one or two books  (again, please note, buying at least two books will give you 17.5% cash back on EACH one and will also qualify to give you the $10 gift card to Macy’s, Target, Kohls or Walmart.)
    • Shipping is FREE too = $17.50 per book or $35 total when you buy two (this what you will pay out of pocket)
    • Then receive your $6.13 cash back rebate = $$28.87
    • If you are a new registered Ebates member and bought at least two books, you will also get the $10 gift card that you picked, so when considering this discount too = final is $18.87 for two books or $9.44 each book shipped!
  • Note: Coupons will vary by location but should compare in their awesomeness and great value!

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