Our Weekly Plan and Menu for 2/24/13 Week and Why It’s Late

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We have been sharing our weekly plan since we shared our weekly planning system with you that we find to be very effective in having a productive day and week and helps you to plan a few tasks in each category of life.

We usually share what our weekly plan and menu is on Mondays.  Well, this week, Monday started off great and we were super productive.  Then later, an unforeseen family medical emergency has kept us off task and plan as we were (and still are) dealing with this situation.  But I managed to find a couple of hours today to do a bit of blogging, so I figured sharing our plan was better late than never.

First, before I share our weekly plan and our menu, you can read about each of these on these links:

So here’s the plan that was mostly written on Monday, but we haven’t done a great job of getting things done as we haven’t been home much since Monday night.  We will probably be rolling over many of these tasks for next week at the rate we are going.  The things crossed off are things I have managed to complete :)

T – stands for Thrifty – what are my thrifty goals for the week?

H – stands for Home – what are some things I/we need to do around and for our home?

  • Get new sign
  • Clean out closet
  • Clean out Fridge (rolled over from last week)

R – stands for Relationships – a place where I write down who I need to call, send a note to or remember a birthday/event.

  • Cards for Grandma Daue
  • Gift to Brother’s family
  • Alex call parents to finalize visit details

I – stands for Involvement – this is the part of my planner that allows me and my family to be involved in our community and church in small ways each week.

  • Food plan for potluck
  • Pack box of clothes to donate

F – stands for Finances – What financial tasks do we need to complete this week: (also as we continue to find our 2% cuts each month!)

  • Complete Taxes (rolled over from last week)
  • Deposit Checks
  • Pay February Kids’ allowances

T – stands for To-Do’s– misc. things I need to do this week!

  • Family Haircuts (I just cut boy’s hair and girls bangs at home with kit)
  • Find discounts for NYC Tours for our NYC Trip
  • Change Friday’s Milk Delivery

Y – stands for You – what are some things that I can do for yourself to de-stress and relax for all of the hard work you do!

  • Bubble Bath

Plus I have my developing shopping list and other tasks list on the right for those extras.

Here’s our planned dinner menu for the week!  But we have yet to fully stick to it one time this week – it is a bad week I guess!

Monday – Hawaiian Haystacks – but the kids and I just ended up having cheesy rice as we call it because Alex was stuck in traffic and his usual 30 minute commute was 4 hours on Monday night from this situation on the news HERE.  If any of you moms are like me, when daddy isn’t there and all the kids are little, meal time is much simpler and I didn’t feel like cutting up a bunch of ingredients if the kids were just content with rice and cheese :) Alex picked up something to eat for himself since we didn’t see him until 9:15.

Tuesday – Baked Potato and Salad Bar…… again, medical emergency happened and I think we all grabbed snacked and had a $1 item at a fast food restaurant for the rest of the meal while we were out.

Wednesday – Lasagna Casserole ….. and AGAIN… dinner was on the run with Alex and I getting Jamba Juices and kids had Wendy’s nuggets and baked potatoes while we were out.

Thursday – Salmon and brown rice….but I didn’t get the salmon out to defrost, so we are going to eat Tuesday’s meal….and at this point, I don’t see why we shouldn’t be able to eat dinner at home tonight.

Friday – Date night in – pizza night….but we may not have date night in as tomorrow we will be dealing with this issue again and not sure how long it will last and so this night is up in the air :(

Saturday – Parmesan Chicken and pasta (should be able to do this!)

Sunday – Potluck and leftovers (should be able to do this too!)

And… no matter whether you make a menu or not, don’t forget about “dinner by 10.”

If you would like to print your own THRIFTY weekly planner, you can do so below. Alex designed it to where it requires very little ink and in fact you can print it in fast draft/grayscale to use even less ink.  But either one uses miniscule amount of ink!

Please note, if you are reading this email in our rss feed or our email newsletter, you may have to click to the post HERE to print this download. 

<== Download your printable Weekly Thrifty Planner HERE

Please share in the comments below what your menu and plan is for the week!


  1. Molly says

    I’m so sorry you guys have had such a rough week, I hope the medical emergency is nothing too serious and that things turn around for the better soon. Sending prayers your way. Thanks for all you do!

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