Valentine’s Day 2013 Last Minute Thrifty Ideas and Where To Find Gifts/Flowers and Chocolates for Less

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As we have little time before the Valentine’s festivities begin, we want to share some last minute ideas as well as ideas where to get the popular gifts, flowers and chocolates.

Articles to Share

First, we  have shared many articles in the past regarding Valentine’s Day and so we want to give you those links to those articles below.

If you have little or no budget for Valentine’s Day…. You will want to check out this article HERE on Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Little or No Budget.

If you have a small budget available for Valentine’s Day….. You will want to check out this article HERE on Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s with a Small Budget.

Finally, no matter what your budget is…big or small, You will want to check out this article HERE on Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s and Get The Most For Your Budget.

And finally, if you want to see dozens of tips from YOU our readers from past Valentine’s Day tips, then check out this post HERE.

Last Minute Flower Deals, Gift Deals and Chocolate Deals

Now that we have shared those, we also wanted to share some last minute ways to grab discounts on popular Valentine’s finds (remember, if you and your spouse and family can wait to celebrate until AFTER, these will all be that much cheaper!)

First, if you are looking to buy something super special like a Spa Package, Salon Package, Massage or even a trip – then the first place you should turn is to the group buying sites! They are flooded with all of those deals and at 50% off in your local area! The BEST and most reputable ones are those offered by your local media companies, Groupon, Living Social and Amazon local! Seriously look here first and you can buy today, or tomorrow and give that certificate as a gift!

Next if you are looking for the best last minute flower deals without delivery (you pick up and deliver yourself :), we encourage you to check with your local grocery and nationwide discount department stores like Kroger, Super Target, Walmart and many, many other local grocery stores in your area.  These stores almost always beat the flower shops and the popular delivery shops.

ftd dozen roses arranged

If you are looking for the nationwide and local flower delivery services that will also allow you to order as late as tomorrow, Valentine’s Day 2013, the places you can do this and still get some deals are:

Now if you are looking for some chocolates deals, check out our grocery shopping lists HERE and pick your store.  This will tell you about chocolates sales right now at your local grocery stores and the national stores like Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid and CVS.  In addition, be sure to combine these sales with coupons.  To do so, be sure to search for your specific coupon on our Coupon Database HERE.

Miscellaneous Ideas and Tips (Including for the Kids!)

Finally, if we have a celebration that can’t wait until after Valentine’s Day, we love to take our small budget and get creative with the fun items that are flooding the dollar stores right now! Plus the Dollar Store is the best place for Mylar Balloons hand’s down, no comparison!

Target also has a dollar spot (probably only some Valentine’s left as most is now Spring/Easter stuff) at the front of the store that we have made a lot of use of.  Walmart will also have many items priced as low as .88 too.  You can really have fun and make some creative items.

And for the kids, I have consistently found that one of my favorite places to hang out no matter the season is the Family Fun Magazine site and search under specific categories.  This link HERE will take you to the Valentine’s category where you will find crafts, recipes, and even free printables too!

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