New Way To Earn Cash or Amazon Gift Cards Through Opinion Outpost

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Opinion Outpost is accepting new applicants right now.  We wanted to give you a heads-up because as we have mentioned before, survey companies can be great opportunities to earn a little extra money! This company pays via cash and via gift cards to Amazon.  Or you can opt for all or some of your earnings to be donated to charity.

This is a decent survey company and one worth trying out.  Their sign-up process is pretty simple as it is just one fomr like what you would fill-out for a free sample, and then you will receive an email confirmation and need to fill out a demographic questions which is very short. That’s it to get started, so it is quite simple!

What is Opinion Outpost? Opinion Outpost conducts surveys because businesses, governments, public bodies, and similar organizations are interested in the views and attitudes of the people who use their products and services. The more they know about what customers and citizens think, the easier it is for them to improve and adapt what they supply. Take Surveys to give your opinion and shape the future.

It takes a little longer to earn cash as it does to earn Amazon gift cards.  You can cash out your Amazon gift cards when you hit $5, which happens pretty quickly! So you could earn a couple of these a week with little time!  You can also go the cash route and cash out once you get $10.  You could probably do a few of these per month with a little bit of your time.  We think that Amazon would be a better route for us as this is just as good as cash.  Yes it won’t pay your electric bill, but if you snatched a $5 Amazon gift card a few times per month,  it can help with your grocery bill (Amazon has great food and household deals), diapers (don’t miss our weekly online diaper deals), Christmas, or other necessities which means that the money you save can go towards another bill or financial goal!

Here’s how to get started – we just went through the steps and it was just a couple of minutes:

  • Register through this link HERE by filling out a very short contact form
  • Then you will see the first Thank You window letting you know to watch for your email in order to confirm your registration and to start earning cash or gift cards.

  • Then click on the link in your email.

  • You will then fill-out a second short form that asks the demographic questions that all survey companies ask so that they can connect you with the right surveys.

  • Then you are ready to start taking surveys and earn!

*Please note, that since the demographic form is quite short, you will often fill-out the first page of each survey to see if you qualify further for that survey.

They do this because let’s say that Verizon Wireless hires Opinion Outpost to do a survey of smart phone users (as an example), when you start the survey, you will probably be answering questions that would be related to the smart phone survey.  Ultimately, you may or may not qualify for that survey if you don’t have a smart phone, etc.   This is just an example, but any company for any product/service will have surveys.  There are even cereal and other food ones.  If you don’t eat cereal, or a certain type of cereal, then you will not qualify for that specific survey, etc.

They do this as it would be near impossible or a never-ending registration process to answer every type of possible question.  This means that you will probably only qualify for about 20% of the survey’s in your account.  This is a common thing with every survey company.  But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth trying so that you can get in on those 20% or so surveys that you are able to take and earn money too!

So you can’t go wrong earning extra income and a chance to get an extra prize too :)

Head to the Opinion Outpost Site through this link HERE to quickly register.

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