$10 and Under Gift List with Free Shipping and up to 70% Savings (Plus Much Better or Equal to Walmart Prices)

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Time to share the next budget gift list!

We love this one as it is really nice items that are on deep discounts to make them priced between $5.01 – $10! Plus, even better, nearly all of them will ship FREE as well with 2-day shipping.  So you can catch a deal, even last minute! We also compared prices and posted only things that were equal or less than Walmart’s prices (at the time of posting) to ensure that you are getting a really good price, but in the end, most of the items were still a lot cheaper than Walmart (and many items Walmart does not even have!).

If your budget is $10 – $15 on gifts, this list will lead with a nice main gift and then you can use the $2 and under and the $5 and under gift list for some other fun items to go with it! Or you can even grab 2-3 of the items on this list!

Please note: If you are reading this post in our email or in your reader, for some weird reason, the images of the items do not show up from these lists we’ve been putting together and so you will need to click on the link to the post HERE to see all of the items we are showing because you will not see them in the email and you don’t want to miss them!

A couple of things to note about the following ideas:

  • These items were priced at $10 and under including the shipping at the time we posted, but prices change often and can change at any time.
  • All of the following items ship free with no minimum, ship free with Amazon Prime (or a $25 or more order) or have very low shipping to still make the total cost $10 or less shipped!
  • The FREE shipping options are 2-3 day shipping or you can pay a small fee of $3.99 to get it overnighted if you get that desperate!
  • Many of these items are great for hard-to-buy-for on your list
  • Many of these items would also be great for shipping as they are lightweight too!
  • Most all of the items will ship in 2-4 days, which makes for great last minute shopping too!
  • We’ve spent several hours to research and links to these these deals, but there are many more, so let us know if you run across any finds!

With that, here’s the list and remember that prices can change at any time! You can see the current prices listed in each box shown below.  Just click on the box where the item is shown and you will be taken right to it! As an extra tip, these boxes with the prices do not show the percent of discount, but most everything is 40- 70% off!

Here we go……..

For the Techie:

Toys (for all ages!):


(Please note, most of these books are buy 3 get the 4th free mix and match, which is an additional 25% discount NOT shown in the price in these boxes, so you may want to consider buying books in groups of 4 for multiple recipients on the same order to get a free one!

Melissa and Doug Toys discounted prices and with FREE shipping (with Prime or $25 or more order):


These are a great option as family gifts combined with a fun foodie gift like popcorn or candy and you are set.  If you budget is a little more, you can also add a movie priced under $10 (as low as $1.99) to make for many fun family nights gift!

For Her:

For Him:

Other Unique Items for the Hard To Buy For on your list:

Alright, and finally here’s some ideas in Blu-Rays and DVD movies priced under $10 and 50% off or more!

The Blu-Rays that are 50% off or more are on Amazon HERE and will ship FREE with Amazon Prime or a $25 or more order.  Most of the popular movies are $9.99 – $7.99 (normally $15-$20 for the Blu-Rays), but there Blu-Rays as low as $3.52! As there are 1,480 in this category, we suggest you head to the link HERE and then search by title or genre or other categories to narrow down the 50% off deals on these blu-rays!

Head to Amazon HERE for the Blu-Rays that are 50% off and priced under $10!

And if your family or gift receiver is still in the olden’ days like us and use a DVD player only, then you will find fantastic deals on DVD’s priced on sale at up to 75% off and between $5 and $10 and will all ship FREE with Amazon Prime or a $25 or more order.  Believe it or not, there are 80K plus movies in this category!!

But the best thing to do is to head to Amazon HERE and then search by title or genre or other categories to narrow down the 50 – 75% off deals on these DVDs!

Head to Amazon HERE for the DVDs that are 75% off and priced between $5 and $10!

As another hint, in our $5 list, we have links to the movies that are priced from $1.99 – $5 and again there are thousands, so you might find what you are looking for in that list instead and save a bit more too!

DVD’s and Blu-Rays make a great family gift, along with some popcorn/candy that you got cheap.

So this is the $10 and under list so far…we will keep adding to it after we find more.  If you see something, leave a comment to the item or send us an email at thriftyus@thethriftycouple.com with subject “gift list item” so that we can find your email and include that item on the list!

Be watching soon for the $15 and under (items priced at $10.01 – $15), the $20 and under list coming soon! Be sure to see these lists for even more ideas on the cheap:

Please note, any of the above prices can change at any time without notice.

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