$2 and Under Gift List – Hundreds of Gift Items For Everyone On Your List All for $2 and Under Including the Shipping

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We are going to try and share some different gift lists for you that are $2, $5, $10 and $20 and under this season to help you get the most bang for your buck.  Now just because the price tag may be low, it also doesn’t mean that this is the value, but rather many of the items are normally a lot more! So you are getting a great deal too!

A couple of things to note about the following ideas:

  • These items were priced at $2 and under including the shipping at the time we posted, but prices change often and can change at any time.
  • All of the following items ship free with no minimum, ship free with Amazon Prime (or a $25 or more order) or have very low shipping to still make the total cost $2 or less shipped!
  • Many of these items are great for hard-to-buy-for on your list
  • Many of these items would also be great for shipping as they are lightweight too!
  • We also got a handful of these items and the shipping said it would be between Dec. 16th and Jan. 3rd that we would get them, but for each item, it actually took a week or less to get to us.  So even though some items may say this at checkout, we received all of ours within a week, even after making separate orders.
  • We spent 5 hours already on Amazon to scope out these deals, but there are many more, so let us know if you run across any finds!

With that, here’s the list and remember that prices can change at any time!

For the art lover or one that has hobbies, there are fine art notebooks for $1.50 on Amazon with FREE shipping with Amazon Prime or a $25 or more order.  The one we feature here is a famous Van Gogh notebook, but there are around 40 different types to pick from.  The sizes are not the big standard sizes, but smaller for pocket size and to carry around for a hobby.  Combined with a nice pen, colored pencils, or other items it would make a nice gift.  Or it is a great stocking stuffer too.  It is lightweight and so good for shipping costs too.

In addition, many of the books on Amazon are part of a “4 for 3″ promotion which means that any book marked with this promotion is going to be buy 3 get the 4th free.  We usually buy books in 4’s on Amazon for this reason as it is another nice savings on top of their great prices.  That would make these $1.13 each.

Head to Amazon HERE to see the Van Gogh notebook as well as many of the other specialty notebooks by scrolling to the bottom and looking for this image to look through:

For younger kids, there are a few coloring and activity books that are also part of the “4 for 3″ promotion which means that they are even lower than priced when you factor in getting the 4th item for FREE!

Goldilocks Coloring Book for $1 shipped free or less HERE.

Dot-To-Dot Coloring Book for $1.40 shipped free HERE.  This one is not part of the 4 for 3 promotion as it is already priced significantly lower than competitors.  This is the one that sells at Walmart for $3.47 everyday.

There are also dozens and dozens of these Little Dover Activity Books.  We own several of them as they are perfect size for anything at home or on the go and our kids love them! They are all priced at $1.50, but are part of the 4 for 3 promotion which makes them $1.13 each shipped free.

First, there are a number of “stained glass” coloring and activity books. Just head to Amazon HERE and you will see the one pictured above, then scroll to the bottom to scroll through about 80 more options by looking for this image:

Also, for the regular Little Dover Activity Books like Dot-To-Dot, spot the difference and fun sticker books too, you can head to Amazon HERE and scroll through the options.

Honestly, there are THOUSANDS! You can find a love that a child has, like Dinosaurs and get the Dot-to-Dot, Mazes, Spot the Difference, and Sticker book in the Dinosaur theme and get them all for $1.13 each if you buy 4.

As a side note, we even noticed Christmas ones like this fun sticker book for $1.50 or $1.13 if you buy 4. That’s perfect for us as we have 4 kids (the baby doesn’t care :)) and they would each enjoy one of these. Head to Amazon HERE to see this Christmas Sticker Book.

Please note, any of the “4 for 3″ promotional items are mix and match…you do not have to get 4 of the same thing!

Head to Amazon HERE to see the Little Dover Activity Books options!

Okay, so here’s a whole bunch of other items priced at under $2 including the shipping! Just imagine the gift possibilities and the budgets saved :)

Here’s some ideas for the girls/ladies on your list and will work for all ages too!

Here’s some unique ideas for the hard to buy for person and even great gifts for guys!

Plus on each of the above items, you can scroll down the pages to find similar items that other customers bought for electronic accessories and in many different colors and with FREE or very minimal shipping to make the entire purchase under $2! There will be around 100 other options by checking those out on each page from the above electronic items.

Even more unique gift ideas (we own the first one from last year’s sale and it is nice quality survival tool and nice stocking stuffer!)

The last item in the group above – the scalp massager for $1.13 shipped free is a super, super gift for anyone on your list! These things are AMAZING and you will have instant best friends for whomever you give it to and you can literally buy a dozen and make everyone on your list super happy :)

Also, we posted about these really cute, but very affordable iPhone covers several months ago. We are going to show them in the $2 and under gift list again because they could also be super Christmas presents and stocking stuffers.

You can find cute animal ones like these three pictured above all with free shipping!

And some other designs are Polka Dot covers in many different colors and other patterns. I like the red one! The better news is that the one pictured above is $1.07 and the other colors are close to that in price and ship FREE! I also love the bright covers because I can find my phone better in my purse, diaper bag, or where ever it lands! You can find this red one on Amazon HERE for $1.07 shipped free.

So there are several iPhone examples, but like we said, there appears to be dozens of options right around the same price. So to see other options, on any one of the above links, scroll down the page and look for the section that says “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” and you will quickly be able to scroll through around 50 other options in iPhone covers for CHEAP!

In addition, you can also search and find super and similar deals and prices on other popular cell phone covers too. 

So this is the $2 list so far…we will keep adding to it after we find more.  If you see something, leave a comment to the item or send us an email at thriftyus@thethriftycouple.com with subject “gift list item” so that we can find your email and include that item on the list!

Be watching soon for the $5 and under (items priced at $2.01 – $5.00), the $10 and under list and the $20 and under list all coming soon!

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