Free (Plus Money Maker) Eco Tools Loofahs at Walmart: Perfect with Christmas Gifts

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by Cassie


Here’s a great a rare coupon! There is a coupon for $1.00 off any EcoTools item.  They make brushes and loofahs that are sold at Walmart.  The better news is that you can get FREE eco-loofah with this coupon!

Walmart sells the eco-tools loofah sponges for .88 each.  When you use the $1.00 off coupon = final is FREE plus a .12 OVERAGE to apply to your balance!

Well, even if you don’t need one, we would recommend getting this deal as you can get the loofahs to donate to women’s shelters and more or you can even use it to make a homemade gift and include it in your gift basket.  This year, I am making homemade aromatherapy pampering products with essential oils and an “eco” loofah would be a fantastic addition! So I am very excited about this coupon.

In addition, I am also needing more make-up brushes, I noticed that the entire set of Eco-Tools brushes sold for $10.97 (I think there are 5-7 brushes in the set) and so with the coupon, it would make it $9.97.

So no matter what product or how you decide to use it, this is a GREAT coupon.  You can print twice from each computer to make for stock-up for many gifts/donations!

Print your $1 off Eco-Tools Coupon HERE

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