Olympics Food Fun: Easy, Frugal and Quick Ideas and Recipes

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We have been having tons of fun with watching the Olympics with our kids! We didn’t realize how much fun they would have! Our kids have been jumping, cheering and have been totally into it!

Since the summer games only come around once every 4-years, we are really taking advantage to have lots of frugal family fun!

With that, we wanted to share some of the frugal, fun and easy food ideas we have enjoyed as a family during the Olympic games.  Especially since we have two-weeks left to enjoy the games!

On Friday evening we enjoyed a London-themed dinner with Fish and Chips with London brand Pub Malt Vinegar and London Pub snack mix; our family was required to speak in a British Accent while we ate and enjoyed the games that day :)   We bought the fish and chips, so I didn’t make it, but thought I would throw that idea out there before sharing my other food ideas.  Also, we were able to pick up some deeply discounted 4th of July clearance decorations after the holiday and hung the decor on either side of our TV for “Team USA!”

So here’s a round-up for Olypmic Games Food Fare that we have created:

First, Olympic Rings Donuts!

This is another easy and fun idea! It can be done super frugally by using any donuts.  We decided to get Krispy Kreme, so it wasn’t as frugal as it could be, but we felt like we had good reason to justify the expense as one of our daughters has a deadly peanut allergy and we recently discovered that Krispy Kreme is safe for her; since this is an incredibly rare opportunity for her, we went “all-out”

We just bought the glazed donuts and then frosted them with the Olympic colored rings.  To make the colored icing, we just mixed 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar with several drops of the food coloring and a teaspoon of milk.  For the black color, we mixed the red, blue and green colors.  Because of the rare Krispy Kreme treat for our family, this was another favorite!

Second, we made Popcorn Torches snack! 

This one was super easy as we just popped our favorite organic popcorn (only $2.15 each bag shipped FREE HERE – its even lower than it was when we posted it) in coconut oil (you can get a good deal on Organic Coconut Oil HERE on Amazon), and used ice cream cones as the popcorn holder! The kids LOVED this one as popcorn is one of their favorite snacks!  The 12-ct. pack of Jumbo Ice Cream cones are on roll back price at Walmart for only $1 (normally $1.38). This one was a super affordable and very easy Olympic themed food item. :)

Third, Gold Medal Sparkling Cider

You can’t get much easier than this! Martinelli’s sells their Gold Medal Sparkling cider for as low a $1.98 each bottle.  This one is fun as it is “Gold Medal” and cheap at the same time! Plus, when you actually pour it, it is “golden!” So we recommend buying this pre-made which will save your budget, and your time!

Don’t miss our Olympic Breakfast of Champions (as seen in the upper left corner of the top image in the post) – a wonderful breakfast we shared on the Saturday morning right after the Opening Ceremonies!

Also, don’t miss the Free Family Olympics Fun Pack that you can download right now too!

We’ve had such fun with these ideas that we are going to have an Olympic themed birthday party for our son in August this year!

What ideas have you tried? 


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