Olympic Breakfast of Champions

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We’ve been mentioning just how much fun we’ve been having with our kids in this year’s 2012 London Summer Games. The last time they came around our oldest was 4 and the younger ones just didn’t care much. But this year has been a blast – not only for us to watch the events (which we love), but especially to watch our kids jump, cheer and get so excited over the games!

So with that we had a special breakfast on Saturday morning right after the opening ceremonies. Our kids just loved eating their own Olympic torch and their mini-bagels color-coated to the exact shade of color required by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Well, maybe not the exact shade but the kids didn’t care! :)

I just took the mini bagels with regular cream cheese and turned them into the Olympic rings. I used fresh fruits for the colors (pineapple or mango for the yellow, blackberries for the black, blueberries for the blue, strawberries smashed for the red and green grapes for the green).

Plus we then made Torches from whole wheat toast and of course used scrambled eggs for the flames! This was our favorite food fare and it was very cheap and filling to boot!  Alex asked if I intended to make the flame “blow in the wind”.  My answer, “Of course!”  I’ll just admit to you all that thankfully it turned out that way. :)

Make sure to check out our other Olympic food ideas to celebrate the games. Do you have a favorite or others you would love to share?  Send us a picture of your family and party – we would love to share it with everyone!


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