Non-Toxic Reuseable Dryer Balls: Get Two of Them for Only $6.39 Shipped

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Check out this good deal for this 2-pk of non-toxic reusable dryer balls for only $6.39 with the shipping.   We deal with a lot of allergies and have one brand of dryer sheets we can use, or even the use of vinegar exclusively.  But we have wanted to try something like this before.  Have you tried something like this before?  Do they work?

Here’s the description of this product:

Set of 2 dryer balls are chemical and allergy free. Save energy and money with these easy to use non-toxic dryer balls. Simply add them to your drying cycle to naturally soften clothes and reduce drying time.

Head to Amazon HERE for the Non-Toxic Dryer Balls 2-Set for $6.39 Shipped

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  1. Lizz says

    I have these dryer balls and in can say they definitely fluff up the clothes I don’t use any laundry softener since one of my kids has sensitive skin so I bought these in hoping they would help with softening the laundry and they did. The only con that I’ve found is that they are noisy and I cant use them at night in the dryer. When I use them it sounds like you have a pair of shoes in the dryer.

  2. R Marie says

    My mom used them and said after a month or so she noticed she was getting holes and rips in her clothes. She stopped using them and no more holes.

  3. J Pillsbury says

    I get mine at Rite Aid for $3.00 for 2 balls. I have used them for about a year. I do keep dryer sheets on hand to make my sheets smell good. Once in a while one will get a hole in it, and then it doesn’t work anymore. Then I just replace the one with the hole in it, not both.

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