Bob’s Red Mill Golden Flaxseeds Only $2.88 Each Bag Shipped FREE (MUCH Lower Than Walmart’s Everyday Low Price)

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We posted a smoothie recipe yesterday for Morning Orange Glory Smoothie with some very healthy additions (including veggies).  Well one ingreident that we use a lot of in more than just smoothies, is Flaxseeds! We love them and they are a super healthy food booster too! We add them to casseroles, salads, breakfast foods and much more.  Amazon is one of the best and consistently lowest prices on Bob’s Red Mill products, including the Flaxseeds.  It makes it a very affordable option and way to introduce some healthy add-ins without anyone noticing – your budget will not notice either :)

We’ve been using these for a long time, but Dr. Oz loves these little seeds and mentions them at least 1 or 2 per week! If you are curious about what they can do, feel free to search the Dr. Oz site.  I can’t point to just an episode or two like other Dr. Oz recommendation deals, as there are just too many references! We have also found that it has been one of the easiest and affordable diet changes we have made for our entire family!

Here’s the deal: Amazon has a pack of four 24oz. (1.5 lbs bags) of Golden Flaxseeds for $13.56 but you can get them for $11.53 for 4 bags  when you choose the subscribe and save option in the top right corner = $2.88 each bag shipped FREE.

Like I mentioned above, Amazon is consistently the lowest price.  Walmart sells the 1 lb (16oz. bags) for $4.49, so this is a significant price difference when a bag that is bigger is much cheaper online!

Here’s how to get this deal:

  • Head to the Amazon Bob’s Red Mill Golden Flaxseed deal HERE
  • You will see them on sale for $13.56 for 4 bags
  • Then choose the subscribe and save option in the top right corner which will take another 15% off and drop the price to $11.53 for four 24-oz. bags or $2.88 each shipped FREE

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Please note:  the 15% discount is for the Subscribe and Save option.  Amazon states that you can cancel subscribe and save at any time, including right after the order.  So if you do not intend to continue having them automatically delivered, cancel the subscribe and save soon after so you do not forget (wait for your items to ship before canceling as it will cancel your current order)!


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