Take Surveys and Earn FREE Gift Cards or Get Paid Cash via PayPal Plus Cash and FREE Product Bonuses

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MySurvey is accepting new applicants right now and so we wanted to give you a head’s up because, as we have mentioned before, survey companies can be great opportunities to earn a little extra money!

In this case, the money is in the form of gift cards to retailers, restaurants, etc.   So this is just as good as cash, yes it won’t pay your electric bill, but if you sntached a Walmart gift card for example, it can help with your grocery bill which means that money can go towards another bill or financial goal!

BUT, you can also redeem for cash to and be paid via PayPal – this will help pay some bills as you can either pay for things out of your PayPal account or transfer to your bank account.

Finally, many of our readers have reported getting a $5 bill in the mail as a bonus from when we posted the last time that they were open for new applicants back in November.  We are not entirely sure why they got them, but it looks like they send bonus cash for fun too!  Either way, it is an opportunity to take the time when you want to get paid for your thoughts on products.

With MySurvey, you share your thoughts taking surveys about products/services and you will receive points (each survey has a different points value and different length of time for each).  You can take as little or many surveys as you want, but you will “bank” your points and then you can redeem them for prizes, including gift cards.  It reminds us of Swagbucks!  You will also earn entries into their sweepstakes where they give $10K and $4K grand prizes away.  I am not as hip on sweepstakes entries, but it is a bonus (especially if you win :))!

You can head to the MySurvey site here to quickly apply.

You will be asked questions about your demographics and household interests so that they surveys are tailored to you! This only takes a few minutes, then you are well on your way to start earning!

Be sure to see our “Earn Extra Income: Over 100 Ways and Counting” for more money make ideas!


  1. erin says

    I tried to sign up following the link, but keep getting an error message.
    Does that mean they have stopped allowing peopel to sign up?


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