It’s Back – FREE Full-Size Samples Plus Get Paid For Your Opinion

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Receive full-size product samples in the mail too!

This is back open! Check out the details we previously posted about below!

Check out how you can get paid for your opinion as today’s money making highlight that is available right now for you to utilize to bring in a little extra (even every month if you take surveys each month!).  This is one that you can do from home in with just a few minutes a day! Survey companies that conduct market research are a popular way to earn a bit from home as brands and manufacturer’s are wanting to know which direction they should go with their products or services and they are willing to pay people to tell them their thoughts.

Synovate is one of those companies that can allow you to make a little more from home by sharing your opinion.  Synovate opens for a short time when they are accepting new members and right now is that time!

Synovate is also a really cool one as you can earn cash AND receive FREE full-size product samples! This can all contribute to your household budget! They will send you these products that you can use and test out for FREE – you will just share your opinion on those products!

Here’s information from Synovate about their program that is open for enrollment right now:

We value your opinions. In fact, when you share your thoughts, we’ll give you reward points redeemable for checks or vouchers! Vouchers give you online or store credit to one of the many top retailers offered in our online store.

Every survey invitation you get says how many reward points you could earn by completing it. All you have to do is participate in surveys to bank reward points. It’s that easy! Once you have at least 5,000 points, redeem them for vouchers or checks Remember: The more surveys you participate in, the more points you can earn!

I, Cassie, have done a handful of survey options in the past.  Most do offer a rewards system that you can either redeem for prizes or even better – CASH (in the form of a check ;)) like Synovate.  With consistency, you could receive a regular $20, $40, $50 etc. or so check each month.  We like to think of the survey type jobs in these terms: “what bill could job opportunity cover to make it more realistic for us to complete?” How would an extra $20, $40 or $50 a month affect your goal?  Now you cannot make a living off of doing surveys and nor will you get rich – but it is a way to earn just a little more to get to your goal a little faster.

To join Synovate, just head to their site here to apply. The application process includes a handful of questions regarding gender, age, household size, etc. so that you can be matched with the right surveys. Then you will receive email notification of your application status and then start earning and covering a bill each month! Please note: You will need to confirm your application from your email to get started. So get paid for your opinion while this round of applications is open!

Once you are registered, you can take surveys and take advantage of opportunities whenever you would like.  You are not committed to a certain number of surveys, just when it fits in your time or when you want to make a little extra!

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  1. Ashley says

    I hear this is a great survey company, but I have never had much success with it. I rarely get surveys and I have never been offered to test products. I don’t know if it’s because of my demographics or what. But I would really like to get into this.

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