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A couple of weeks ago we shared that our entire family of seven experienced the worst bout of sickness we’ve had in years! In fact, we can’t express how thankful we were for your encouragement and the “get better fast” tips you shared with us.  It really was one of the worst sicknesses we’ve had in over four years.  And, you know when you are really sick how it is just the little things that really brighten your day and make you feel leaps and bounds better.  Well, let us share with you a little story how our day was brightened in the midst of our sickness and misery.

It was a cold, dreary and quite miserable day (we’re not making it up – it was sleeting outside and truly cold).  All about our home were coughs, sneezes, fevers and downright gloom.  Then, much to the surprise of our sniffling heads we hear a knock on the front door.  “What is it momma?”  It was nothing else but the delivery man bringing a most providential and VERY welcomed sight – a package with the words White Cloud Facial Tissue surrounding it.  And although we each had our own box of Kleenex in our hands, the boxes were set down to find out just what was inside.

We opened our package of tissues, and the faces of four little kids’ faces lit up with sheer joy! We have never seen these kids get so excited about tissues.  Some of it could be that their tissues were becoming their closest friends.  It could also be that they had these beautiful bright packages that you see in the images in this post.  But either way, their sick little faces said it all! This was their new tissues! They each quickly picked their favorite designs, danced around a bit, tucked their boxes under their arms like a teddy bear and went back to their beds.

It was a moment that shocked us! They were really that excited about their tissues.  But with that said, the real test of what we thought of these tissues had yet to come – the nose test.  Mind you our noses were primed and ready to test.  They were red, sensitive, and aching for comfort. This was the perfect time to test out tissues.  And not only for the kids but for the hubby.

If anyone of you women out there are married, have young sons, or even adult sons you will know this.  They may be men – strong and reliable on a regular basis.  But when they are sick, they whine, pout, and are much more sensitive, testy and irritating.  So the wrong tissues can just mess the whole thing up! :) With that said, I let Alex test them out first (he grabbed the Supreme with Lotion box knowing his nose required extra comfort).  I waited, holding my breath, and his response was “Huh, that actually feels pretty good” as he grabbed his box and went back to bed.

There I stood.  Everyone in the family had their box (except the baby).  Everyone was happy – even the sick hubby.  I was on “White Cloud” Nine that my family had a bit of happiness on their days of misery.

Truth be told, there are many things we love about these tissues. The first impression we mentioned above is the bright and creatively cool designs that these tissues came in.  They are conversation starters all around your house!  Now you can see why each of our kids enjoyed standing there picking out their favorite design to claim as their own to bring a bit of brightness to their sick days!

But second, the “left behind Kleenex boxes” were left in a pile on the living room floor for the next few days.  Everyone seemed to forget about them.  It wasn’t until later when I was cleaning that I noticed our girls had their White Cloud boxes neatly placed on their book cases next to their beds, and our son even had his White Cloud box on his bed next to his pillow that it really hit me just how sufficient and effective these tissues were even on our sickest of days.  No one complained about them.  They were not replaced.  They met the needs of our family.  They did the job and did it well!

The message that White Cloud is communicating for their facial tissues is Something Smarter Just Popped Up – demonstrated by what happened to our family.  Their new and creative box designs are what you would expect on a more expensive brand.  The quality of the tissues are what you look for when you need a tissue.  But the price is what you hope for when you’re in the store but not wanting to spend all that extra money for quality in both product and design.

These White Cloud Facial Tissues hit the Walmart store shelves a few weeks ago and they are currently sold at over 900 Walmart locations nationwide (you can find out whether your store carries them HERE).  White Cloud Facial Tissues also come in 2-ply and 3-ply as well as with lotion. Better yet, the regular price of these tissues is $1.12 per box at Walmart.  So the regular price is very good compared to Kleenex that sells for $1.57 at Walmart for the equivalent box.  That is a good instant savings available just by buying White Cloud instead of Kleenex!

Giveaway for 5 Winners to receive a 6-pack of Tissues

So the next question is…do you want to try it?  Better yet – do you want to get it for FREE?  White Cloud is giving five of our readers a White Cloud Facial Tissues package consisting of three boxes of Supreme and three of Supreme with Lotion facial tissues.  With that being said, just leave a comment on this post telling us which design you want to try.  Here’s all the designs you can choose from:

Leave your comment here on this post in the next four hours to be entered to be one of 5 winners who will receive a prize pack containing 6 boxes of White Cloud Facial Tissue.  Five winners will be randomly selected from all the comments and will be contacted with instructions on how to claim their prize.

Print Your Coupon for a FREE Box!

If you are not a winner – don’t despair because White Cloud is taking care of you!  You can print a SUPER SWEET coupon for a FREE box of these tissues with the purchase of bath tissue. This is a GREAT coupon because we are all happy with FREE!  And if you’re not in an area that is currently selling these facial tissues, your coupon will just be for the same value toward any White Cloud bath
tissue or paper towel product.

To get your coupon for your FREE box, head to the White Cloud Facebook page HERE and “like” them to print off your coupon.

Disclosure: We are White Cloud bloggers and are compensated for our time although all opinions and facial tissue experiences are truly our own. Please know our continual goal is to provide you good products for a value to help you save you both time and money.  Please see our Disclosure Policy for additional information.  Finally, please note that prize winners may not receive the specific design they voted for.  This giveaway ends February 10, 2012 at 3pm MST.


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