Coupon for a FREE Bottle of Sambazon Organic Juice and a Bit of Personal Info

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Head over to the Sambazon Facebook page and request a coupon for a FREE bottle of Sambazon Organic Juice! We love to try and get organic foods for cheap and even FREE! This is a great coupon and one to not miss!

We noticed that they are based out of San Clemente, CA – and this is where we took our family vacation last Christmas! So that was kinda fun as we loved being by the beach in December as we are normal freezing cold mountain dwellers and the heart of the 2002 Olympics (any guesses as to where we currently reside – at least for the time being?) – so the kids just thought it was so cool to see all of those surfers doing was our residents do on the mountains!

With that in mind, we thought we’d throw in the articles we wrote about how we saved on our vacation in case a vacation is in your future:

To catch up on more of our vacation savings:

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Thanks The Thrifty Mama

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