Hershey’s $1.00 off 6-Pack Chocolate Bars New Coupon and Deals

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Hershey’s released a new coupon for $1.00 off their packs of 6 full-size candy bars.  This is a great and rare coupon!

We love to do smores anytime of year (during the winter, the magic of the microwave performs the job for this sweet treat!).  Anyway, this coupon makes the purchase less painful as we bought these over the summer and was shocked to see that the price had shot up to $3.94 (or .79 buying six individual ones). We would have bought the generic which was $1.50 for 6, but as our daughter has a deadly peanut allergy, they were not safe – so we had to get the Hershey’s for our camping trip.  We even told the checker that when did candy bars shoot up so high in price and she was shocked too as she remembered when they use to be .33 each everyday not long ago!

Anyway, here’s the deal at Walmart:

  • Buy 1 6-pack of full-size Hershey’s candy bars for $3.94
  • Then use the $1.00 off printable coupon = final is $2.94 for a 6-pack or .49 each.

In addition, we do see them go on sale at the local grocery stores quite often for $2.50 each 6-pack = final is $1.50 for 6 or .25 each. 

This is a rare coupon and it may not last long!

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Thanks Money Saving Mom

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