What is The Morning Center and Have You Heard Their Amazing Announcements?

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We were so excited at the beginning of this week with the announcement from The Morning Center to establish three Mobile Care Units in three cities to provide free, high quality prenatal and maternity care for mothers in urban areas to learn how to care for themselves and their growing babies.  We have been watching and waiting with anticipation for this announcement and wanted to share it with you!  But first, what is a Mobile Care Unit and who is The Morning Center?

The Morning Center is a ministry of Samaritan Ministries with the goal of providing free, high quality Christ-centered maternity care to women in inner-city areas that just don’t have access to it.  Their vision is to be the next step in the pro-life movement.  With all the amazing work done to preserve and save the life of the unborn child, where do we send those women for the quality help and assistance when they can’t afford it and just don’t have access to it?  The Morning Center aims to do just that with a long-term vision of establishing hospitals for women and their babies to receive free care and the more immediate vision of establishing Mobile Care Units (see below) in three cities to help them start providing that care sooner, enabling them to gather critical information from each city on how they can best minister in those areas, and build their staff incrementally as their ministry grows.

Here’s the exciting announcement that just came out November 1, 2011:

Why do we share this with you?  Because we are excited to let you know that a portion of the proceeds from our site will help support the work of The Morning Center.  But even more so, we want to let you know about this amazing ministry so you can share this with your friends, know how to pray for their work, and even ultimately support this ministry by donating your time or resources to see the expansion of this important work!

Not only are we excited about their mission and vision, but we are excited how they are approaching this as well.  They mentioned a few weeks ago that unlike most hospital nonprofit charities that spend up to 33 cents for every dollar raised that they are seeking to keep the same costs under 10% – which shows us their goal to be good stewards with the money given to this charity (a very thrifty approach :)).  And not only that, but we feel their announcement to start with three Mobile Care Units in three different cities blew us out of the water!  We see this as a huge benefit for the work as this incremental approach will allow them to minister to more women and children with an initial lower investment while they work to establish the long-term, permanent hospitals in different cities across the nation in the future!

UPDATE – We are extremely excited with The Morning Center’s latest announcement – they are planning their pilot hospital in Memphis, TN. We highly recommend the following video to you!

Thank you for letting us share this with you and we pray you will be excited about this as well.  We encourage you to check out The Morning Center site and see what they are all about.  Here are some different ideas on how you can get involved with this ministry:

We hope you see this amazing opportunity to support the next step in the pro-life movement!


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    I love your blog and your blog is one of the reasons we started our local blog. Thank you sooo much for sharing with us about The Morning Center. I was just praying for a way that we could give more and spread God’s word at the same time? Then out of no where, I clicked on your Helping You Give tab and now I am crying, because I think I got my answer.

    Our family also owns a wholesale Diabetic Test Strip business WeBuyDiabeticStrips.com. So, after watching the video, it hit me, when you asked what talents or gifts could we help with? We are going to contact The Morning Center to donate Diabetic Test Strips, Lancets and even meters too. Because a Hugh number of pregnant women get gestational diabetes, especially in the inner cities. Plus we have contacts from around the United States of other Owners in the same profession as we are in too, that we will be contacting about doing the same. So again God Bless, Stay Healthy & Take Care, Kim


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